22 December 2010

driving day

Yummy *soon to be roasted* veggies

Hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage and cooked.
Yummy - easy, but takes time to cook.

A gift from a neighbor!

It's very very sharp! Thanks, Roy!

Cool job to have - no stress at all

BioFreeze type gel...
For Rotator Cuff People everywhere.
No performance anxiety here!
I use it often. No worries!

Applied for a second job today...
Can't stand sitting around the apartment for 4 days a week.
Must have an outlet for my new-found energy.
One short year ago, that sort of thing thrilled me!

The "beef log" and "cheese roll" season is upon us...
LoCarb people are rejoicing!
Lots of water. About 3L a day.
I forgot to take a picture of the chicken
so I'm pointing to it after the fact!
Thumbs up!

Ladies and Gentlemen.
It is with mixed emotions that I announce here
the end of an era. No more Monsters!
After this case. No More Only a few more.
From time to time.  Ok. Well see!
Maybe just as a treat. 
At least not by the case anymore.

Hope your day is awesome and happy
With a bit of healthy goodness thrown in!


  1. So YUM on the scotch eggs. You and your low carb people rejoicing gave me a mental vision that made me laugh out loud! I sort of pictured you like all the Whos in Whoville around the tree...

  2. never heard of scotch eggs!

    Great posts as usual!!! Sometimes it's like you're talking right to me!!! lol, I'm sure a LOT of us feel that way. (especially a few back, where you talked about people not wanting to give up to much...you are SO RIGHT- I need to get real!)

    No Monster!

    Love that guys Tabasco ties (I figure it's the same guy both times lol)

    Love the Christmas running through the snow song :) You're awesome. If you are taking request, I'd love to see what you do with: I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause!!!!

  3. My eyes perked up at the biofreeze and rotary cuff sentence, think I'm injured might have to try that stuff out. Those sausage eggs look yummy and cheese and sausage, ahhhhhhh. Sometimes I think you low carb folks get to really live it up *smile*. Hope you get the second job. Yea, those board tossers make it look fun but when it's freezing outside, hmmm, not so much. You know at the store yesterday I saw the monsters and one that said "low carb" I actually picked it up and looked it over. Then I remember what Kevin said "takes one week off your life per can". Can't say I believe that but just thought passing it on might make ya feel better.

  4. No'Mo'Monstahhh!? say it aint so, but...yeah...prolly a good idea!! I have a sugar free energy drink once in a while. But I do drink between 2 and maybe...5 cups of coffee in a day!! Thats probably what I need to work on cutting down on! Good thing it keeps me up at night if I drink it after say 4 or 5pm or who knows what Id be guzzling down! Acckk!
    Oh and I looooove me some asparagus too! olive oil, spices, maybe some parm. cheese. Delish!!

  5. I so wish I was not allergic to eggs! I miss them so much. *sigh*

  6. OOOOO☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃
    Yes, dearies -
    and don't forget the Balsamic vinegar
    for the roasted veggies!
    Sooooo yummy.
    As DH says!

  7. No stress? We have to stand near traffic, we have t be "on" all the time, we have to learn all the newest sign-spinning moves. The grass is always greener, I guess...

  8. And here I thought they had to learn Sign Language!
    My bad!

  9. Wow. I can relate to giving up the Monster. I just gave up my diet ice creams. No ice creams. Nada.

    Good luck on the job applications! I'm sure something will come through for you.

    I had roasted asparagus last night, too, with veggie chili. Mmmm.

  10. I wanted to let you know that I got my coconut oil today. I am excited to try it and start using it. After reading your post, I did some research on it and am excited about it!

    Love your wonderful pictures and helpful advice.

  11. I LUV,LUV,LUV roasted asparagus w/parmesan cheese n' butter..MMMMmm HEAVEN!

    You know, I've never had a "Monster" drink.

  12. I love scotch eggs!! Haven't had them in ages. Cooked my mini fritta's in coconut oil today and yummo!

  13. No more MOnster? Really? I'll have one for you.

    Wicked tickets came in the mail!!!!! AH! I'm so excited. :)

  14. The eggs and sausage look good. I'd have never thought of making that but I will now.

    And I yiyi, a second job?!?!? I hope it's a reallllly fun one!

    I've never had a Monster drink but I'm thinking a big High Five should be coming your way for kicking the habit! Yeah you.

    Hope you're having fun Anne. xoxo jj

  15. no Monster?? roasted asparagus, my favorite


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