16 February 2012

posture neck

Yummy Yummy Primal Ground Beef
It comes packaged from the Grass Fed Ranch - 
with Liver, Heart.... I try to include some organ meat
in my diet, and not just muscle meat!
With Green Beans, Onions, Red and Poblano Peppers...
And some cheese and sour cream!
I like the extra fat in my diet... once or twice a week...
And I do ok with Dairy - so it's good!

Can you believe it's been 10 months since my Double Concussion?
And Rotor Cuff Injury! And 10 months of CrossFit.
And that means 9 months + of sleeping with no pillow.
And my Posture is getting better and better!
Heating Pad and BioFreeze are my new BFFs!

Yukky Fish Oil VS Cod Liver Oil!
Some people have asked me about the fish oils!
I am due to get my blood work sometime this month!
Better get it prior to going on vacation!

Carlson's is a great brand - you can get it at places like Whole Foods...
or Amazon.com.  I like the one that is low Vit A.
I still use a supplement... even with all the fish I eat.
I do eat a good amount of ground beef and other proteins.
I don't take the supplement on the days I eat Salmon...
There is such a thing as too MUCH Omega 3!

This is my PaleoTrak food intake for the day 
before the Cod Liver Oil Supplement...
1.3 grams of PUFA total.
That's much less than the lowest 4%! 
This is why I don't worry too much about the ratio.
Since I dropped the PUFA Bird (Chicken) and Nuts, 
I have to work to get high quality Omega 6 IN my diet...!
And why I welcome a little dairy now and again.

And here is the same day's food WITH the Cod Liver Oil
3.3 grams....times 9 (per fat calorie)
 that's about 30 calories from pufa.
That's about 3% of 1000. 
And the goal is at or around 4% total PUFA per day!
So on some days, it goes over a bit... that's ok, too.
I'm still so low in PUFA that it is not a problem.

The idea is to keep the Omega 6 low...
Much like Omega 3 is said to be the "star"
Omega 6 is said to be the other "star"... (Both are EFA)
but maybe an Antagonist - and causes Inflammation!
It's not just about swallowing a bunch of Omega 3 supplements.
You might get the "right" ratio... but you will have missed the point!

Lots of people disagree with the whole idea of supplements.
"Just eat real food!"
I use protein powders, N3, and a good Multi-Vit...
And I have learned the value of a good diet AND
Good quality supplementation.
It all works together!


  1. I hope your blood work comes out super good, Anne. Dinner looks wonderful. I'm going to have to try that that sometime. I've just never seen the poblano peppers at my market before. I will look when we go shopping tomorrow night.

  2. Wow - it looks like you are one hard working woman on those numbers. I love flax seed oil as another "non-fishy" substitute -- but I have no idea how that fits into ratios and inflammation...

  3. As per WIKI:
    Ralph Holman of the University of Minnesota, who gave omega-3 its name,
    surmised how n−3 components are analogous to the human brain by stating that
    "DHA is structure; EPA is function."

    And Holly - the conversion from ALA to EPA and DHA is thought to be around 1% at worst...
    10% at best! so..... Flax and the other plant sources have ALA..... Just sayin'....


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