05 February 2012

another day day

I take a Ginseng with my hot Green Tea
(that also has gelatin in it)
for my afternoon coffee!

Still having trouble getting it through my shaggy skull.
The Nurse today in report jumped up when she saw me.
"ANNE!" she yelped.... "What did you do with your body?"
She was truly beside herself .... at a loss for words!
"Where's your fat?" 
 Winking smile

Love my Thermos for soup. 
I pack all kinds of things in there... not just soup!
Ground Beef... melted cheese... anything!

Took a tea bag... put it in some room temp water...
Made some cold-process tea!

This was Green Tea and Rooibos.

Hope you are staying warm and dry!
And not too hungry!


  1. How awesome that you still encounter people who remember the old you. Motivation and inspiration must sparkle off you like a comet tail of fairy dust. Everyone who has seen your success can't help but be touched by the sparkles of possibility of what they can do too. Not just to be healthy … but whatever their own hearts desire.

  2. Hi Anne My advice... Wear pretty undies every day. It won't be long before you make a sudden move at work and those size medium scrub pants end up around your ankles!

    91 days until the hotel LC dinner.. I assume you'll be there too.

  3. I love your folding spoon that you must use with your thermos. :) So cute.

  4. Like camping equipment .... Better than plastic ;)

  5. When I see older (fatter) pics of myself, I think, Wow, I have lost weight.... like I can't see it now as much, but I sure can tell from past pics! YAY FOR YOU!

  6. Love your hair Miss Blondie!!!!!!

  7. Love the McGyver spoon! Great compliment from your nurse friend. I have never made cold pressed tea...will have to try it out. :)

  8. Back "in the day" we used to set out a glass gallon jug of water and tea bags in the yard and make Sun Tea. Mmmmm, not a trace of bitterness.

    How fun that you are still running into people that are amazed at your transformation!

  9. It is true...a lot of you is missing Miss A!

    Love the sky pic at the end.

    Tea is soooo good! I had a nice cup of Bissy today, it is a Jamaican tea made from the kola nut. Tasty!

  10. Great shot Anne looking down at all that skinny sexiness you got goin on!! I'm so happy to watch you succeed!!


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