04 February 2012


I like gelatin.... 
I use Great Lakes.... (link)
But also good ol' Knox!

Make a brisket.... Just the meat and a pan...
Made its own awesome broth as well.

Tried to make an Aspic...
Didn't quite "gel!"
Any Zombie would have LOVED the look, though!

When you add gelatin to your coffee,
or green tea, don't forget about it - and leave it in the cup!
It really does turn to gel!

And in other news....
Put some onions, poblano pepper and
a orange pepper into a mini-food processor!

Sauteed this in some Buttah and Celtic Sea Salt.
I get the unsalted butter so I can add my own salt.

Chop chopped some cheery Cherry Tomatoes...
Added it all to some Ground Sirloin.

Add Green Beans.... let it cook up  - 
I made half of this curry flavoured.
One half Mrs Dash Flavoured.
And the the other half - the part without green beans - 
I cooked in the morning with some eggs and cheese!
Real Bacon Bits would have also been good in it!

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. When I was a kid, they told us that gelatin was good for our fingernails. When I grew up (kind of) I read that it didn't help much so I didn't even think about it again. Maybe my stepmother was right and I do believe everything I read.

    I've been thinking about getting a food processor and a mini might be just the thing. Thanks for mentioning. :)

    1. Caron - the mini- food processor is perfect for me... I don't bake or make dough...
      And I cook small batches... plus the price was right.... $15 bucks!
      And the gelatin.... I think a previous generation swore by it!
      It can't hurt... and it might just help. The price is right there, too....
      About a quarter a serving. so I figured - HEY! Why not?

  2. I miss my mini processor. It bit the dust and I haven't replaced it yet. I need to look for a new one.

  3. I am thinking mini food processor too...I want to rice my cauliflower. Not sure how I am going to do it today...maybe blender, maybe grater?

    The food looks sooooo good! Today I bought fresh French green beans, they are so thin and crisp looking...can't wait to try them.

  4. Yummy food ideas... which kind of mini food processor do you use?

    Cheery cherry tomatoes... they even sound cute!

  5. Hmm...neat trick...getting 3 halves out of a whole! Ooo Ooo Witchy Woman!


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