19 February 2012

meals this week

I eat just about the same few things every day....
And that is fine by me. I love it!
I never get tired of it.
People ask what kind of things I cook. So I do a little
"week in review" of some meals.
I also drink one or two protein shakes a day.
Because I don't eat at work. Just have a shake.
And that is every day. 
Or some gelatin in some coffee or hot tea, for Protein.

Ground Chuck, Red Peppers, Poblano Peppers, Onions, 
And then, add the variations:
Avocado with Sour Cream
 Fermented Sauerkraut
Green Beans or other low starch veggie
Bacon, Shrimp, Eggs
Even make a Soup - the combinations are endless!

 Little finds at the grocery store.
I don't always get organic stuff from the Farmer's Market
or Grass-Fed Beef from the Ranchers.
Just the regular ole store is fine, too.

This was awesome - by the way!
Pork and Venison Sausage

Some weeks I am "Salmoned Out" and it's back to beef for a while!

Love Netrition - Protein Powder AND
a cool free T-Shirt!

"A" +

"B" =

Sometimes I have the cheese.... sometimes I leave it off.
It would be improper to call my diet "Paleo"
because I like some dairy.... and not alot of starchy veggies
and /or fruit! Although I tried. I gained so much muscle
it was off the chain. Even for me. WOW!
It messed with me a little to gain WEIGHT but not inches!
So back to "Pratkins" for me! Paleo + Atkins!

Although, I must add this:
Many many many people who call themselves Primal 
or Paleo eat way too much Omega 6!  I thought reducing the
Omega 6 and pufa was the bright and shining centerpiece 
of the Paleo "Revolution..."  But I guess I was mistaken.
Lots of nuts and chicken and mayo being consumed out there.
Incomprehensible to me, actually!

Relaxing with some Mozart and candles...
We do get a few cold days here.
Not a bad winter in Texas, actually!


  1. I eat the same foods for several days in a row too. I don't mind the tedium of the same foods. It is easier to keep track that way.

  2. Where did you find the egg poacher? Also what is your fav coconut milk?
    Love your site. I check in almost every day. Keep up the good work. You are one of many that keep me strong.

  3. Could you direct me to find what you posted about the best meatballs ? I think that's what it was,...but it was part ground beef,..part ground pork. I should have copied it at the time I saw it. : (

  4. EVEN a site like PaleoHacks asked the same question you did about limiting the pufas to at or around 4%. They got 5 responses. TOTAL. So it is just not a popular thing - yet! Maybe you should write a book! Remember - you heard it here first!

  5. Your first picture looks like the dinner I had tonight...and it was good!

    I eat the same thing a lot too, and it doesn't bother me...helps me stay focused.


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