23 February 2012

bones and stuff

Woke up today - and these things were poking me!
Little wrist bumps. Last seen in the previous century!

Trying to show my hair (which I did yesterday)
And the camera graced me with this view!

Got a couple of Wool Kilt Flies.
The colors are much more vivid than it shows here...

Even THIS is much more vivid in real life....
A shirt for the cruise.

Oh... and we have lift - off!
No part of my abdomen touches any other part.
Sorry if that is TMI!
Be right back

For anyone who doesn't know... I have a (awesome) cheapo
membership to a local machine gym.
The kind that is $10 a month - with a buck total to join.
I have a total set-up in my apartment - yes.
BUT at 5 am - I like to go to a loud and bright
wild place to get a cardio thing in. 
That way, I can really POUND the machine
without waking up the CaveMan who lives below me!

I am still in CrossFit... and love it more than ever.
BUT I need more.. and now I am ready to DO more!
Two days a week is CrossFit... and a casual walk is just not enough for me.
I mean, my body wants more. I would be happy to stay in bed!
All Zombies need cardio. It's the only way out of being a Zombie.
So this machine - for example - is a Cybex Arc Trainer! (link)
I can pound that thing out anytime from 5 am to 11 pm!

Hope your day is great!


  1. I feel you on the bone thing...they are shocking me...I can feel them! Love your hair and your gorgeous clothes!

    The arc trainer is what I call the Dr. Evil machine...the most I have ever been able to do on it is 20 minutes...but who knows what the future holds???

    Work it out Miss A!

  2. ahhhhhhh wrist bumps!! I hadn't noticed my own until you mentioned yours.. now im sitting here poking them and "ewwww'ing" lol <3

  3. We have lift off!! That is too funny. And I totally get it, LOL!

  4. Love the new cruise shirt-- That will be soooo much fun for you.

    I take my hat off for wanting to be anywhere at 5am where it's loud and bright-- Me, I'm still putting the covers over my head and snoring!

    Keep up the good work Anne!

    xo jj

  5. Love all the colors!! And what a huge NSV that your body craves more activity! Congrats!!!

  6. I remember the first time I realized I had collar bones. It was an outstanding day. Congrats on all your hard work, Anne. You deserve it!

  7. Not too much info, more like a great incentive for everyone else.

    1. THANKS!
      My Panniculus is gone - it was the single most important
      sign of progress - and true measure of my weight-loss success!
      This is how I was when I was like 30 - 35! YAY



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