01 February 2012

ground hog day

Brisket Cooking Day

Food Prep Day around here... 
Prepping food in advance save a ton of time! 

Ground Beef, Bacon Cheese,
Peppers, Onions...

I bought some shirts that are not hanging off of me...
These are Large!

My hair is growing soooo long... 
And soooo fast.... 
It is soooo thick and strong!
I didn't put any hair stuff in it today,
And got some compliments from strangers - wow!

Good day for errands - like sleep!
Happy Sausage Day tomorrow!


  1. Tomorrow is my mother's birthday...I will have to let her know it is sausage day!

    Love your hair! It is wild and sexay!!!

    Prep is 3/4 of the battle! Way to win the war!

  2. If I don't have any fresh groundhog, can I substitute powdered?

  3. Anne I have been reading your posts that I have missed...first is sausage day a special day? Your hair does look really healthy and as for the exercises in a previous post. very cool, thanks for showing us. you always inspire me to keep going, January was a very good month for me so the year is off to a good start.think of you often. c

    1. Cinner.... Feb 2nd is GroundHog Day....
      I call it "Ground HOG" Day...... like "Sausage"!
      lol! *wink*

  4. Healthy hair and healthy mind. Yep.

    You're not excited about the cruise, are you? Ha. Nice shirt. Gives you something to look forward to and work toward.

  5. Hi Anne, such enjoyable posts! I batch cook too. 95% or more of my meals are prepared at home and I pack a lunch for work every morning so having precooked meats on hand just makes the process effortless. Since I eat very low carb paleo, I never need snacks like I used to so that saves time too. I still can't believe the always hungry fat person I was most of my life is now almost never hungry and can easily forget about food for 8 hours, sometimes longer.. it has been life changing.
    I placed my order for Low Carb Cruise shirts with Cafe Press yesterday, they are always great to deal with and I love that I can pay through my already set up Amazon account..
    I had my Ground Hog with breakfast, I was playing along and didn't even know it.

    3 months to go... CANNOT WAIT!

    My best wishes to all.

    Is it really only 90 days to go? SO EXCITED!

    1. I'm obsessed with the trip!
      In the good way... the really inspired way!!


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