12 February 2012

to carb or not to carb

To Carb - or not to Carb.....
That is the Question....

My home-work from the Chiro
Lots of neck raises.... Pseudo-Planking!
Or Super-Man holds....

Been working on my planks.... speaking of....
About a minute average... A little more.... a little less....
This was actually my second one in a row for the video! WOW!

Fish Milks Spoiled....
I could have told ya that!

Stuff Downtown Dallas

Love my Pretty City!


  1. What beautiful architecture... from the classic to futuristic looking.

    I saw your Planking, The Musical on Facebook, and just cracked up. The music was hysterical.

  2. Replies
    1. lol - I remember your plank challenge!
      Back then, a 30 second plank would give me bragging rights for the day!
      Still - not to shabby!

  3. Great pics, Anne. Looks like you are following doctors orders. I hope the neck and shoulder are better soon. :)

  4. I am an old building lover.. Great photos...the last one is one of my favorite styles: Richardsonian Romanesque.

    I would love to try aCross Fit gym but I live in Podunk and the nearest gym of any sort is 24 miles away so I make do with what I can put togther here at home. I will try planking for the first time because of your video. You are a good influence! Which W.O.D. did you start with at CrossFit?

  5. "To Carb or not to Carb"....for me, it all depends on how foods affect my blood sugar. I've found that if I allow a few choiced carbs in my daily eating, I'm not prone to the overindulges. Very nice. I guess you could say i've gone from no-carbs to low-carbs to some carbs. I'm a happy camper and my blood sugar is happy too (and the scale has become my friend!).

  6. That is the question of my life!

    Dallas looks like a lovely city.

  7. Great pics of big D. And congrats on your plank-ablity! Very impressive :) I don't think I'd last 2 seconds, haha.

  8. You rock those planks! They are hard!

  9. You can plank for a full minute!?!?!?! Holy smokes! That is a really long time. You're in great shape, Anne.

    Wow. Just wow.

    xo jj


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