24 February 2012


A pepper within a pepper?

Saving seeds to see if they will grow - 
I doubt it somehow - but we'll see!

Had 3 eggs before CrossFit yesterday.
I'll have mine with extra Vitamin D, please...
Right outside in the sun... it's 80 degrees in February!

Christopher Eggs with "eggstra" Omega 3. (link)
Got 'em at Krogers!
The yoke was golden orange.

Turns out that eating before class was a mistake.
Even 3 hours before.
Planks are good. Eggs are good.
But Planks and Eggs - not so much!

I have also weaned myself off of my afternoon coffee.
I had a mix of Yerba Mate with Green Tea prior to class, too.
I have this all the time now. So I know it didn't make me ill.

Bless Sam - our Trainer's heart.
Nearly everyone in our CrossFit class is over 40.
And most of us are women.
Lots of bathroom breaks - even during class!
400 meter run? Sure - no problem!
Give me one second...

So now instead of Monster drinks, Guarana and loads of coffee,
I have some tea... maybe with ginseng.
I like the Siberian Ginseng... Eleutherococcus Senticosus (link)
It's more of an adaptogen than a stimulant...
It's like magic - it just "knows" where to go and what to do 
when it gets there.
Thumbs up
My avg HR in CF was 110.
Max HR was 160.
So I went on through with it, even if it wasn't my best.
I think that is a key, somehow.
My ego (that egg-eating bastid)
is only happy when every effort is the best one ever.
After a while, that is not possible!
Sometimes, it's a total "win" to just make it through.
Party smile


  1. Yep, not every experience is a "mountain top" - some days, it's all about the trail.

    I cannot eat before exercise either.

  2. Sometimes I'll want to eat but I know it's best not to...nothing huge anyway.

  3. Having bacon and eggs for breakfast this year. I haven't seen those eggs at my Kroger. Just the Eggland's best. Are they worth the extra cost?

    1. Christophers Eggs are cheaper than Egglands Best.
      Side by side there is no comparison.
      Christopher wins!

  4. My fiance is in the army and recently got that exact same Ginseng product for while he's in the field this week. I can't wait till he gets back and can tell me how he liked it but its pretty exciting to see it works well for you. Sometimes when I get bored with my eggs (how does one get tired of eggs? I eat them about 3 times a day and still love them) I'll cut a slice of a bell pepper, throw it in the pan and then crack the egg inside. Its like a frog in a log but paleo :) Your post reminded me of that.

    1. FUNNY you should mention that -
      The Army is EGGACTLY where I first learned about Eleuthero!
      20 years later - they still use it - that's cuz it works so well!

  5. LOL...I'm the only chick in my kettle bell class...and recently moved up to a heavier bell. Um, yeah. After four pregnancies and hitting the mid century era, I take my bathroom breaks, even in the middle of class! Jumping jacks will also do me in every time. :0

  6. I also buy the Christopher eggs now. I would not have noticed them but I looked when you recommended them. I'm still afraid to eat them runny although that is the way I like them. I don't want to get sick. :(

    1. Caron - Any way you like them is great!
      Just to say this - I didn't get sick cuz of bad eggs...
      Up till a month or so ago... I drank then RAW in a shake!
      I have perfect confidence in our egg supply (as it were)
      I got sick cuz I ate too much before CrossFit class...
      All better now - no problems after I got up from the floor in the gym!

  7. Your eggs in the sun looked like a great time to me :)

    1. YAY - Sunny Side Up - on the Sunny Side of the Street!

  8. I have a tough time with my workout when I eat before too. Great job on pushing through them. Have a great weekend!

  9. Those seeds will absolutely grow. Spread them out on a paper plate to dry, then store in a sealed envelope until it's time to plant them.

    "Select peppers that are ripe, fully colored, and show no signs of disease to save for seed. Remove seeds from core and place on a paper plate to dry."


  10. I don't take ginseng because of high blood pressure, but I couldn't remember if there were any other contraindications. Here's an interesting site that cautions against "chronic" use:

    Do you think they are all wet?? Or just being overly cautious maybe?

    That was a cute story about your trainer and all the women. :-D

    1. Last year, I was taking 4 Sudafed a day PLUS Monster drinks AND Guarana...
      My Pulse was 40 and my heart skipped every 3rd beat. Zombie.
      My blood pressure was 60/40.... 90/50 was GREAT for me!
      And every now and then 110/70!
      NOW My heart is MUCH stronger. MUCH.
      And I love the mild stimulant effect from the Ginseng.
      Can't get up in the morning without it!

  11. Here in New Zealand we call peppers capsicums... your one is really cool!


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