10 February 2012

taking names

Last night at Cross Fit
Max HR = 180 ..... Avg HR = 129
1 hour 12 minutes - some workout!
440+ calories.... so they say...

Helen WorkOut Of The Day:
400 meter run ... 21 squats ... 12 ring rows ... 7 box jumps ...
Did this twice in 10 minutes, 20 seconds...
And the WOD is always at the end of an hour long class!
Filled with kettle bell swings, Lunges, Planks, Bridges,
All that Jazz...

My only solid meal of the day was this awesome Salmon....
With a garnish of peppers and onions ... all fried in bacon drippings...
And this cool little salad... with Balsamic Vinegar/ evoo dressing.
Black Olives, Cukes, Tomatos, Red Onions, Baby Spinach,
And you can't really see the Guac - cuz I ate it!

I don't eat alot of salads lately... but it just hit the spot.
My new job is great cuz I eat 2 protein shakes a day...
Not alot of opportunity to heat up and sit down to a full meal.
I do like the shakes... if not for them I could prolly call myself  "Paleo..."
That - and the Coffee Cream and Buttah!
Oh - and the occasional bite o' cheese.

ooooo - check out those awesome pufa's!
about 3 grams total and 1:1 ratio
Right around the 4% range.... even with that evoo!


  1. and now Im craving SALMON
    for breakfast :)

  2. I'm so impressed with your workouts. I'm finally recovered from a class I took last Saturday!

  3. That salmon meal just made me hungry! Have a great weekend!

  4. Great going, Anne. You are a true inspiration.:)

  5. You just keep on keeping on, your determination is such a good example to us.

  6. Look at you, Anne!! You're totally rocking Crossfit...and to think that you once thunk it to be "too hard". You're my hero today!

  7. Wow, Anne, 180 is a really great high, especially for someone with naturally low HR. Getting the heart strong along with other muscles. That's the way to go! I am totally impressed!

    Salmon and salad - yummmmm! Looks good and I bet it tasted even better.

    1. INDEED! THat is my main goal.... cardiac rehab... after my unfortunate cardiac event(s) from a few years ago.... But that's all in the past, and now onward and ..... onward!

  8. Yum-mee! That plate looks good. Now I'm craving salmon :)


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