21 February 2012

day off

Shrimp Cocktail - 
You're doing it wrong!
Or right, actually.... I fried these up!

Once you understand that PUFA's are a fat...
Yes - a fat!
The poly unsaturated fatty acids!
Then we can move on... I don't limit fat - 
Just Omega 6... AND pufas!
This shrimp is low in fat - and therefore - low in pufa!

My messy hair and sweaty face after CrossFit tonight....
1000 meters (total) run... yes - I trotted it out!
Planks, Bridges, Lunges, Bear Crawls, Hand Walk Outs,
One Legged Squats...

THAT is my sweat on the floor

And these are my numbers...
109 avg HR and 171 max HR! Winning!
And yes I am a Total Freakin' RockStar from Mars...
Come on, Bro - I got Tiger Blood!

Ground Chuck, Bacon, Shrimp,
Green Beans, Onions, Red Peppers,
Tomatos..... Celtic Sea Salt

Lots of Butter... lots of Bacon Grease...
Heavy Whipping Cream in my coffee! Yum!
Ready for my LIPID Profile in the morning!
YAY! Counter-Intuitive much?
Why yes, I am!

I always said I would go for blood work in February or March...
After nearly 6 months of working on my Omega 6:3 ratio!
At first I just added extra Omega 3.
Then I really cut back on the Omega 6.
And I cut back HARD! Like no-body's business!
And now to compare them to my last tests. (link)
Last year's tests were just a baseline.
I am super diligent with my diet and Omegas -
And it is bound to be a great test.
Today, I have scheduled an Ha1C, and a Lipid Panel and VAP.
The age-old question remains.... VAP or NMR...
I'll stick with the VAP, thanks! (link)
BOTH directly measure the small particle of the LDL -
The VAP is more complete... and MUCH more popular!


  1. My last test - June 2011 -
    HDL = 116 ... LDL = 150 ... Triglycerides = 46
    I doubt I could improve on the the HDL, or the Triglycerides!
    But with little or no fructose...
    The low triglycerides are no surprise!
    So the LDL is my focus... and the VAP!
    We'll see if all my chicken-hating, low pufa diet has paid off!

    Bu the way, my blood pressure is like 100/60.... no worries!
    And pulse is getting stronger - I almost never miss a beat!

  2. Wow look at that skinny face on you!!!! Wow wee!!!!

  3. I'm curious to see how your test turns out!

  4. You have convinced me...shrimp for dinner...is that okay after I had crab for lunch? Apparently I am feeling fishy!

    Can't wait for your test results...I was so thrilled by mine and expect to be thrilled again in a couple of months.


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