24 February 2012

bone cracking day

Little Shop - Suppertime - Brussels Sprouts!

Stretching the side-back muscles -
The word posture comes from the Latin verb ponere
which means "to put or place."

Stretching all the time -
I can actually FEEL my posture getting better!

Can you tell which fish is Farm Raised  -
And which is from the wild?
Both are Salmon. 

Toys for tots
Or tater tots...

Tired Old Ass Soak...
For your tired old ass!

Bacon flavored chocolate!
Chocolate does not appeal to me -
I have to force myself to have some from time to time.
Kinda like when I have to up my carbs. *sigh*

I DID get this - 
Heavy Whipping Cream and Half and Half.
I mix them together for my coffee. Protein shakes, too.
Seems the HWC was too thick, and the half and half - too light.
Together they are just right.
Promised Land is a Texas Based company (link)
That raises Jersey Cows - the Brown ones...
Not Holsteins - the Black and White ones.
The milk molecules are even different!
The Jersey Cows have more butter fat - lots more!
While the Holsteins just make more milk (volume).
The Jersey Cow has more protein - some say it's more digestible.
A Guernsey Cow makes better Omega 3. (link)
But all milk is low in PUFAs
Cows do much better on Grass, at any rate.
Imagine that - a Cow that eats Grass!

Hope your day is great!


  1. Wow! The photos of the salmon was an eye opener. I try not to have farm raised fish of any kind, because I have heard some pretty gross stories about how the water they live in and what they are fed.

    1. RIGHT - they offered samples ... of the Atlantic one...
      I just turned red and was thinking NO WAY!
      I would rather kiss a dead mooses butt!
      But I somehow managed to keep that remark to myself!

  2. Eeek! When I saw the first photo on the left, I thought it was an alien monster with teeth!! Really, it looked like a little face with sharp pointy teeth, ha ha ha. It's a widdle biddy innocent brussell sprout? ha ha ha ha
    I finally got the reference... Little Shop of... ;-)

  3. Thanks for the info about the cows. Very interesting! Who knew there could be such a difference in the end product :)

    Yum to the brussels sprout - even if it looks like a monster, haha.

  4. You crack me up with some of these photos, Anne. I think the dark red salmon is the wild caught. Am I right? I think you shared that with us once before. You have me craving salmon now but tonight we are having a chuck roast with a few potatoes, some carrots, and some mushrooms. The mushrooms are my favorites and I will avoid the potatoes and carrots.

  5. Anne, what does salmon taste like? I mean is it a fishy fish? Anything like .... well I don't know. I remember having it as a child and hating it and don't want to buy it now (it costs quite a bit here) without an idea...if you can share.
    I love that you have so much to share and teach. Thank you!!
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

    1. I had never had it either.... so my first time, I ordered it out.
      Just to have an idea of what it REALLY should look like... taste like...
      Turns out, I DO like it! And I learned from there!
      I know LOTS of people in MN and "up there" that catch their own!
      Now THAT would be awesome!
      Thanks, too, for your kind words!

  6. Your butt is so tiny in that picture - just saying! Way to go! You really look Fit and Firm.

  7. You are looking skinny my dear in those pictures!

  8. Salmon kind of grosses me out. Its one of those foodsi i know I should like. I can eat it in a restaurant but to cook it at home... Ahhh NO!!!

    Hanging head in shame :/

  9. LOL! I love the Little Shop of Horrors food! :)

    I've had that Voges chocolate before and it was good. I did want bigger pieces of bacon, and not so crispy, so I fried up a batch and dipped it in chocolate. It wasn't half bad.


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