29 February 2012

carrying on

Hold this dumb little ball out to your side

Whist standing on the opposite foot...
Which is on this soft pad.
Do that about 20 times with each arm.
And come back and tell me how ya liked it!

My name is Anne H. And I buy BioFreeze by the gallon.
And I endorsed this message.

I went in to ask for my massage... They said no...

Spring is really all around here!
Wish you could see it!

From CrossFit Tuesday!
Trying to switch to striding on the ball of my foot...
Not so much the heel - like they taught us to do in the Army.

Another awesome day for lots of protein and good food and stuff!


  1. I love this weather
    It's the perfect storm
    Just keep it coming
    In its perfect form
    I love this weather
    'Cause it keeps me warm
    Just keep it coming
    In its perfect form

    1. Two points if you can name this without googling....

  2. I wish I could see signs of spring here :)

  3. Spring??!! Today had a storm move in, and an inch of snow in our yard! Joey went nuts, racing around the yard, chasing snowflakes, and eating snow. It was so funny. :-D

  4. Huh! We are supposedly at the end of summer..... what summer?

    The March winds are here full force, cold showers.... wet gloomy autumn predicted to follow a grim, grey summer. Maybe winter will be sunny! or maybe I'll catch a plane.

    Now to the serious stuff. Anne, I've recently had a TIA. I've also lost 30 lbs this year just by cutting out, well almost cutting out, wheat.

    I really get bored and confused reading all the detail about pufas and dufas and oofas. Now you know I'm a really lazy researcher!

    I eat mostly beef, all grass fed, some pork and not much chicken and less fish. Full fat dairy, veggies and little fruit... just about enough I think.

    Can you help me, coach me or something to get the right balance? I should have the results from my blood-test middle of next week.

    Thanks for inspiring me.


    1. So sorry to hear about your TIA - thank goodness you are recovering!
      About the PUFA's.... I personally think they are the next big thing.
      Bigger than all the fats and talk of fats .... combined!
      I think they are the singular key to all diets everywhere. Bold statement, yes?
      Yet so little is known. WHO among us really knows anything?
      And we all know I am slightly "pufa obsessed!"
      I have started back on the chicken and tuna... without emphasising the salmon so much...
      But like yesterday's post said... I am making sure it is still LOW pufa all the way.
      LESS Omega 6.... and less total PUFA.
      So many other things factor in... vitamins, minerals, thyroid, gosh -
      The "list" never seems to end.
      I guess the only thing that is safe to say is that we are all learning together!

  5. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ice cold espresso drinks, crisp salads w/avocado, water fights, walks w/the kids to the park, skirts and sandles!!! LOVE IT!

  6. I've done those balance exercises before. Very difficult but good for the core. You look great. :)

  7. I would try that, but I don't want to tip over.

    Loved watching your feet!

    The last pic is so gorgeous...thank you.


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