13 February 2012

meals this week

Some meals this week....
Ground Beef, Fermented Sauerkraut, Green Beans,
Cherry Tomatos,

Salmon and Salad

Baby Back Ribs
Some I've posted....
And some I haven't.... like this!

 Made some Salmon Jerky and dried Cranberries

It's easy to over eat - this is 2 filets...
With the water - about 4 ounces each...
Less water, but the same amount of protein -
Very gentle heat - good for the Omega's!
And  few Cranberries - just for color and variety!
Added some Cinnamon and Truvia to the Cranberries....
And soaked them before I dehydrated them.... yum! 

Does this make me look... you know.....
Never mind!
Winking smile
I've almost given up on my second cup of coffee...
Most days I just have one. The rest of the day -
it's Green Tea with maybe some Gelatin, and Ginseng.
I must be getting stronger!
Almost hardly ever miss a beat..... almost!


  1. Oh yummy... we just bought ribs today, and tomorrow is smoker/bbq day with my hubbys new toy.

    Happy to hear you are feeling stronger!

  2. glad youre betterSTRONGER.
    now I need to try to make me some salmon jerky too.
    this week.
    for sure.

  3. Salmon and cranberries -- yum, yum. Two of my favorite things. You look like you're about to begin surgery with that mask. :)

  4. Love the idea of the salmon jerky. Who'd a thunk it? Why Carb Tripper. of course. I always opt for the wild salmon (no frankenfish for me). It may cost a little more, but the TASTE is well worth it.

    1. YES - for a fact!!
      I never ever ever would buy farm raised, so-called Atlantic Salmon!
      The Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon is ALWAYS worth it! :D

  5. Well i'm just not sure about fermented saurkraut... :-)

  6. Your meals always look so darn good!
    Yum yum.


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