13 February 2012

be mine ♡

Last Minute Men ♥

Chocolate Covered Skraw-berries ❤

Rosie and her sisters ❀

But, really... what about this -
And Avocado as big as your hand!

Pork and Venison Sausage

Fresh Asparagus

Cherry Tomatoes

Maybe some Ground Beef with Cheese, Peppers and Onions....
Green Beans, Avocado, and some Sour Cream

Nothing says loving like that!
Happy VD Day!


  1. I'd LOVE to be your Valentine! the way to a womans heart is through her stomach don'tcha know! ;)
    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. WHERE do you get that sausage?! Thanks to you, I knew to look for Bubbies at Sprouts last night, I got the live culture pickles!

    1. I went Krogering tonight.... good old Texas Krogers!

  3. I have to say I much prefer your idea of nice food to chocolate too!

  4. A taco salad (beef, avocado, salsa, greens, onions, cilantro) is one of my favest things. MMMM. Had one last night. But for V-Day, told hubby skip the overpriced flowers. If he wanted to get me something, I wanted a choco-dipped strawberry. Indulgent...but manageable. I sometimes make it at home with organic strawberries and melted Chocoperfection (sugarfree choco).

    But while food is great, love is better. Let's all hug more (and not eat too much) on V Day!!!

    Happiness and hugs, babe...

  5. Oh for sure! It's always about the people and the LUV!

  6. That big avocado is a great way to love your heart!


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