08 February 2012

bad posture

LOL from the CheeseBurger Cats

Went to a Chiropractor... never went for a body treatment.
My CrossFit Coach recommended this guy.
They are uber nice in the office!
Pretty good discs and stuff... must be all that Disco -
That rotor cuff stuff is still giving me a wee little problem!

Sorry - my hand slipped

24 cm from from to back of my abdomen, btw!
Not around.... but with calipers from front to back.
Correcting the over-sway of years of bad posture.
Now I know why they call it "Morbid" Obesity.
It sucks. 
I called myself a Fattie, and he whipped his head around
so fast, I thought he might have cracked his own spine!

Got rid of the Gummy Vites....
You know you are done with a phase 
when you say "WHAT the bleep was I thinking!!"
So yeah..... done with that.
No more blood sugar swangs.

More LOL Cats!

It's now been almost 6 months since I started my Omega Quest. 
Now. The Omegas last in your body for years. 
YEARS. Yes.... The half-life of the Omegas 
is measured in Years!
I've tweaked the diet a few times:
Upped the N3 (Omega 3)
Lowered the N6 (Omega 6)
I eat a very very strict low PUFA diet
at about 4% total calories.
I track it every day!
I'm not too worried about the ratio, because
I have such a low total.
MOST days, my 6:3 ratio is 1:1.
Sometimes 2:1.

I have scoured the internet looking for people
who did the Low PUFA... with LoCarb.
Not alot of people lined up for this one!

So later this month, I am going to have my labs done.
I don't think the triglycerides will get better than this:
From June 2011 (link)
HDL = 116     
LDL = 150      
Triglycerides = 46

Working on the LDL...
A wee bit high.... we'll see!
And maybe a VAP thrown in for fun.


  1. I woke up with my back hurting so bad! I need to check out my chiro... She is old school and doesn't even use x-rays... How did you like your adjustment anyway?

    1. When I first injured myself, I went to a modern old-school guy.
      A few adjustments...and all was well..
      This is as complex as he was simple.
      I like the xrays cuz you can quantify to progress.
      I was pretty sore after my first adjustment!

  2. Yes, that's what I was curious about... what did he do, and did it help yet??

    1. First day - I guess they don't want to scare a person off....
      So it was easy-peazy!
      My mother never liked Chiropractors...
      But she worked many years for a D.O....

      A ton of BioFreeze later... I think ever are talking about
      incremental improvements. But I trust the process... so...

  3. Ive been thinking about visiting a chiro.
    I think I need to check out a chiro?

    1. These guys are Thoroughly Modern, of course...
      They gave me a cup of tea, and did some Cold Laser Thingy
      And gave me a ton of corrective exercises...
      starting with The Brugger --- for posture!

  4. Has the traditional thoughts on LDL and HDL changed? Your HDLs should be as high as possible and the LDLs low as possible. Great number for the tris.

    1. To be more clear, it is about the ratios within an overall lower total cholesterol number, but again, the HDLs should be high for the ratios.

    2. KYLE! heehee you caught my typo....
      of course, I want high highs and low lows....
      THANKS guy! Fixed it all up!

  5. One time to a chiro many years ago taught me I did not like it. I know many people who get relief there but one time was enough for me.

    You are so awesome to stay on top of your HDL and be so proactive.

  6. Wow, great numbers! The HDL is through the ROOF!!

  7. Cats are funny. :) I have not heard of the PUFA yet. But because of you, I am eating lower carb.

  8. Your HDL and Trigs are AWESOME! Remember that the freidenwald equation used to calculate LDL is not accurate when your trigs are low,so your LDL's are probably awesome as well, but a VAP will confirm.


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