11 February 2012

someone cute

You're Vexed! (link)
My fave Olive Oyl saying (link)
From my fave movie!

Maybe time for new glasses....
I thought this said "Chicken Drunks"

Yuk to corn and broccoli.
A thousand times - yuk!

Went to the Farmer's Market instead

I wonder if they buy their stuff from WalMart
and sell it here...

Went real early on a cold morning...
The vendors are friendly and give all kinds of samples

Trying to get more pepper data in...
Turns out I like them...
Funny how tastes can change!

Walked past these two people....
One said to the other "Now THERE's someone cute for you!"
And I turned around... to see who they were talking to....
And it was me! lol!


  1. It doesn't look like you took too kindly to the "cute" remark!LOL! But boy, check out those cheek bones!!! Lovely :)

    Have a great day Anne H.!

    1. Lucy - I am really so shy.... this is my so-called cute pensive pouty serious face!
      I think I knocked off those 5 pounds that snuck back on over the past 6 months!
      Thanks for your kind words.... *blushing here* ;D

  2. Olive Oyl! Love it. You are cute. Inside & out.

  3. Hey, compliments out of the blue are awesome! Take it! :-)

  4. That is funny about wondering if they resell them from Walmart..

  5. You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talking... you talking to me? Well I'm the only one here. Who the !@#! do you think you're talking to? - Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver 1976)

  6. You are cute, Anne. ROFL about the Farmers buying from Walmart and selling from their stand. I suspect that all the time around here. Not necessarily from Walmart but I suspect that some local farmers buy produce from other places and sell it as their own home-grown products. I guess I just have a suspicious nature.:)

  7. My husband has a condition known around here sarcastically as "Vegetable Resistant". But the ONE veggie that is not starchy that he always asks for is... wait for it... broccoli!

    So... do you just not like broccoli, or is there something I don't know about Ex-President Bushes least favorite veggie??? :-O

    Thanks cutie!

  8. Hmmm...I thought why is Anne writing a post about me today?

    Then I realised....you are just as deservingly cute :)

  9. You are very cute!

    Glad you are a more regular blogger than I am!

    Lovely to catch up on what has been happening.

  10. I love Farmers markets .... Cuties patootie

  11. I almost never eat corn especially since they've made it so sickeningly sweet. I can't eat broccoli because it gives me a belly ache. Still, I'm curious why you said yuk on broccoli. Yep, I agree "cute."

  12. Well, of course they were talking about you :) I love broccoli, but it sure stinks up the place, haha!

  13. I'd take the Farmer's Market any day!!

  14. Cute... totally!
    I love corn and Broccoli!


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