09 February 2012

bitte auf steigen

Still sore - using der BioFreeze!
From de Cracken Doctor...
Und ja, I buy it by the gallon.
It's like Ben Gay, but it's green!

Ich liebe diese Peppers und Zwiebeln
I luv me some peppers and onions

And der Green Bean-zes-zes
Lurv me some Green Beans!

And der Ground Beef und Tomatos...

Und der Sauer Kraut, ja!
And some Bubbies Fermented Sauer Kraut!

Worked extra - still did Planks when I got home
Working alot this week.
When I am really tired, I dream in German.
Bet you did not know that about me.
Lapsing into Alemán!
Just like in Germany... but no Bitte Ein Bits! 
Or no Weizen Beir.
No Wheat Beer, dang it!
Ich ben *Seufser* 


  1. Replies
    1. 2x a week for like 8 weeks...
      With lots of homework!

  2. Pretty, smart AND bilingual! Nice. :)

    1. lol - if only in my dreams!
      I lived in Germany.... but I really don't speak it!

  3. We have a lot of German people here in fact from 1854 to 1912 it was called Berlin!

  4. I want to learn German next. :) Then Scottish. Then I will be complete and maybe no what I'm saying when I talk to myself. What is bio-freeze? (too lazy (too busy!!!) to Google it right now).

  5. Ja, das gut!

    Where did you learn German?! That's so cool! The only reason I know 'das gut' is because I saw it in X-men in the subtitles...even then, I looked it up to make sure I was correct. :)

    What exactly is the biofreeze?

  6. Well at least I understand pictures. :o)
    My chiropractor has samples of bio-freeze and it really is good stuff. I haven't asked him where to buy it yet but one day will have too.
    Take care Anne and have a blessed afternoon.

  7. Hmmm... I'm off to google BioFreeze! You've got me curious.

  8. I'm glad you are feeling better after your visit to the chiropractor. Try not to work to hard. Give yourself time to heal. Dinner looks fab.:)

  9. Grrr I really hating iPhone today. That should have read:

    Du bist mein Held!

  10. ahhh...sehr gut! schmecht auch gut!


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