02 February 2012

extreme makeover ?

Oh dear! I think I need a New Dooo!

Look at my Nails. Gurl.... this won't do!

Umm.... two words... 
Pedi- CURE?

Paleo is good and all...
But.... no need to emphasis the Cave Woman Brow, eh?

Time to see my guy...
Did you know I have a guy? 
Sweeney Todd. Sings all the time.
Well, you know....

Dentist. Hmmm.... Might be a good idea, too!

Standing up to type.... 
It's not so good to sit there 60 hours a week!
Plus. Always plus.

Salmon! And Omega 3 grass-fed beef 
has a good amount of Omega 3 too!
They say you can live on that, and nothing else.

Walking, CrossFitting....
All that!
90 days out!
Then vacation - here I come!

WOW - so much to do!
And just enough time.

Thanks, Loretta, for letting me 
play along on Toon Tuesday!
Even on a Thursday!
Thing is - I actually thought it was Tuesday!


  1. Cool stuff, Anne! My nails are hideous. I need to get them done but I don't feel like getting dressed to go to the salon. Eventually I will but not today.

  2. These are sooo funny! But wait... is that a SMILE on your face at the... gasp... dentist???!!

    Since Thursday starts with a T, we should include it in the Toon schedule... Toon Tursday!

  3. Count me as a great fan of your drawings. Bravo!

  4. Nothing like self maintenance to make you feel better.

    LOVE your drawings!

  5. Love the toons.
    So when are we going to see pictures of the makeover? I want a makeover too! New hair and makeup and teeth whitening.

  6. i did my own nails Tuesday. I ended up doing some of my fingers too. A little ambidextrosity would have been helpful. Love the fit toons. :)

  7. Love it...let your creative freak flag fly!

  8. My nails make me want to wear gloves night and day. Too many hours at the computer - not enough hours of self-maintenance. You inspire me to get moving.

  9. OMG - you are so friggin talented! I should hire you to write my posts! :-)

  10. OMG, it's DOODLE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Um, love 'em. Doodle more often. hahahahah

    I copied a couple to my hard drive. They just might show up on my blog in futre. :D

    Um..and yeah, dentist. Need to see the dentist!!!! And opthalmologist. And gynecologist. And...colonoscopy. I'm so behind on stuff....

  11. YEAH! I've missed your doodle stories!

    More please.

    xo jj

  12. Great cartoon story.

    Ha. Two words. Pedi cure. Crack me up.


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