27 February 2012

you ask - I tell

Hamburger with Bubbies Fermented SauerKraut...
Green Beans and Avocado

Ground Chuck with about the same things...
Mixed up - and no Avocado

Venison Pork Sausage with Ground Chuck and Green Beans...
This is kinda like a Week In Review. Since people always 
ask me what I eat. Basically the same things!
This - and Protein Powder Mix every day... sometimes twice a day!
Since I was sick in CrossFit this week - I didn't eat so much.
THAT is a first! I think it's some kind of turning point
in my career as a Fattie!

I love my Cod Liver Oil But only so much...
I'm vexed by the pufa's ... and am convinced that they
need to all be limited... not just the Omega 6's.
But hey - my 4% total limit - is limiting enough - for now.

My New Love is this Vitamin D3!
I take 5,000 I.U.   maybe a couple of times a day.
I am not big or tall... so that should be more than enough.
I recently fell in love with D3..
If you buy Vitamin D - make sure it says D3... or it will not be D3!
Vitamin D2 is not the same - or as good!
As far as the "Sunshine" stuff goes.

I got a cowbell grater!
It's the sturdy metal kind... instead of the cheapo plastic kind!
It's how I roll - all shiny and stuff!
I was tired of busting my knuckles, too!

So many birds outside the window today.
And this - at 3 am!
Between them and the neighbors... 
I just don't get any rest. That's ok.
I'm getting lots of planning and sorting done.
Winking smile
It's sooo easy to get sidetracked!
Hope your week is great! 


    I have a fever and the only cure is...

    more cowbell grater :)

  2. Birds at the window = spring is nigh. I can't wait to hear those little, chirpy creeps singing away. It's a good sign!

  3. I could handle the birds, but I have had a cricket just outside my bedroom window for the past 2 nights, and the sound never stops. If it keeps up I'll just have to get my flashlight and go out in the middle of the night and flush him out.

  4. I just got a new cheese grater too and it's so awesome... Best investment ever! I never realized that the pre-grated cheese has crap in it that we don't want... like modified potato starch and scary stuff like that. I'm going to use it today to grate up cauliflower into a faux rice.

  5. Love all the eats! That cheese grater is da bomb!

    I am a D3 fan too...those birds are awful chirpy for that time...maybe with all this crazy weather they can't figure out what time it is anymore?!

  6. I need to get a better grater! I'm also thinking about getting one of those micro planes.

  7. I had no idea there were different types of Vitamin D!
    I hope you don't go grating your knuckles on that grater!

  8. The doc told me to take vitamin D, he never said D2 or D3.... ?????

  9. I accidently wrote on yesterdays post - just wanted to thank you for dropping in at Happy Days!! I started taking Vit D3 1000 about a year ago. It's weird that mine was low. I'm always outside. I was also diagnosed as having Diabetes 2 last November - that was quite a shock to me and all in our family! Well...I hope you'll come back and visit again! I've read many back posts and enjoyed them all!! I'll be back!! ...debbie


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