07 February 2012


Lat week's Blood Sugar reading after eating 
a Gummy Vitamin or 2..... or 3.....
Supposed to be just 6 carbs per 2 candy serving.

Yummy Poblano and Red Peppers
With onions and garlic

Green Beans and Ground Beef

It's good, but it REALLY comes together 
the 2nd day... when all the flavours blend together!

Ate some more Vitamines of the gummy kind....
Got this... Blood Sugar is 199!
I gave those gummy vites away to my neighbor.
She likes em and can use the boost.

When I first started LC my blood sugar was 
in the 40 to 60 range!

Remember - Sucrose is both Fructose and Glucose...
So 6 grams of "Sugar" is really about half glucose.
And Fructose levels do not register on a GLUCOmeter!
(That's the trick of eating fruit... it's not really *free* -
You LIVER pays for it!)

So tired I just want to sleep!
Drink water. Sleep. Eat.


  1. Oh wow, that's scary. Gummy vitamins, sounds so innocent and impossible to harm.

    I don't even like green beans, but that meal looks yummy!

  2. My husband has stalled out on weight loss and yesterday finally said that he knew it was the "free" fruit. I wish I had never told him that Weight Watchers had endorsed such a silly thing. Anyway, what do you mean about the liver paying for it? I need more information for him.

    1. If we like Fruit or not, it still is hard to digest...
      Unused Fructose converts to Triglycerides!
      So if people have a problem with high triglycerides,
      there is a well-established link.
      PLUS the pure carb rush - that can't be good as a daily "treat!!"
      I could well imagine Fruit has caused many a weight-loss stall.
      Google it and let him prove it to himself! And, I'll send some links
      later when I am home from work....

  3. It's good to keep checking on the blood sugar levels. I have to do it regularly, as I have had some issues, and it is often enlightening when it comes to what raises it! Sometimes it doesn't take much, if you are insulin resistant.

    I never did understand why WW made fruit a "free food." I think it's a gimmick to get people on board. Some people can handle that type of freedom, and some can't and go overboard. Boundaries are always good for almost everyone.

  4. You are a good teacher here.

  5. I enjoy 1/4 apple with almond butter occasionally or a handfull of berries in season...and MAN! i can totally feel the rush kick in! It's like cocaine (not that I would know) Fruit is a very rare treat for me. Thanks for keeping us informed. XO

  6. Anne, The word on the gastric bypass street is that gummy vites of any kind are worthless. They are incomplete sources besides being filled with sugar. Good call on giving them away. That dish looks wonderful. You are making me hungry.

    1. They belonged to my neighbor anyways... she gave me some to try... I gave them back!

  7. PS: Those numbers are worrying me. How was your last A1c?

    1. I have never had a A1C... no need since my blood sugar was in the 60 - 90 range!
      I'm getting on later this month!

  8. Ground beef-with-veggie is totally the way to go!

  9. When I eat fruit plain (without a fat), I get instantly tired.

  10. But I like fruit. I don't over do it but I guess I better look into that a bit more. I eat apples, banana's, blue berries, raspberries, papya. I know they are high in carbs but never really thought about the sugar since they are good for you too. Can't imagine a veggy smoothie though.
    You know Anne, the more I look at your meals the more I'm liking the low carb stuff. I love my meat and veggies and really could live without the breads and pastas. Hummm, thinking.
    Oh also, just out of curiousity that I could look up but easier to just ask you, what is the normal numbers for blood sugar?
    Take care my friend. Blessings!!

    1. Julie! - MOST of us would do well to lose the Sweet Tooth.....
      AND the pasta tooth.... and the Bread Tooth!
      Gluten is not a good thing for many.... and sugar -
      Can be more of a burden for the body than it is a treat!
      Regular Blood sugar is 70 - 100.... or 80 - 110.....
      Depends on who ya ask! And this is before meals....
      After a meal (like the picture above) it can go up to 130 range...
      AGAIN.... depends on who you ask!

  11. 199! You must have felt like crap for awhile there! I'd have done the same thing, given them away or thrown them away! Hey - did you do the walking today?


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