14 February 2012

cindy is done for

New phones come out next week...
Glad I waited! 

Box Squats - not so easy!
One foot off the edge and Squat on down!
My mind was convinced that I am still too heavy to do this
without pulling the box tower over onto myself. Go figure!

Stretching - feels good after a good work out
Avg HR yesterday at CF = 110
Max HR = 160

400 meter run...planks...bridges...squats...hand walk-outs
Overhead Squats, And Active Recovery - lots of foam roller work
And "Cindy" was the WOD:
10 Ring Rows 
15 Push-Ups (bar style for me)
20 Squats
I did exactly 3 sets in 10 minutes with nearly perfect form.
Thank you. Thank you very much!
I still use a box for squats, but the others in the class 
think that is too Old School. I don't think my butt goes down as far 
when they take away the target box!

Protein shakes x 2
Ground Beef, Green Beans, Onions, Red and Poblano Peppers
I'm still making every day count till my vacation!


  1. I agree...it seems if there is either a mirror or a target, the squat is executed more completely with better form. Nice workout!

    1. Right - In CrossFit - mirrors are Verboten... But....
      When we do our test for "time" we will be given a target..... a medicine ball!
      Much smaller and lower than a foot-high plywood box!
      So not going down to make that bootie "kiss the box" is not helpful!

  2. Wow kiddo you are kicking butt!!

  3. That is similar to my phone. It is and LG Android. It is black but Bethany just brought me a pink cover for it. I LOVE it. Pink is my favorite color.

  4. I love that you have a goal with a date... your vacation. I haven't had a target date in awhile, and as I read your post, I realized that I try HARDER when I do. Okay, gotta get me one, stat! :-D

    1. You would never believe where I am going...
      I am finally being "social" and going on the LowCarb Cruise!
      We sail in May. I simply can not wait.
      Just under 90 days away!

    2. Ditto!

      Can. Not. Wait.

  5. Looking great, Anne. You've made so much progress with the exercise. I remember when you were just starting. Look at how far you've come.

    Ohhhh... vacation. Can't wait to hear about that.

  6. Not sure when you're vaca is, but I love that you are making everyday count. I, too, am focused on what I can do,each day, to reach my mini goal. Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. Yeah! Please 'splain an "overhead squat"...it sounds contradictory!

    1. lol - The OverHead Squat is where you Squat like you usually do...
      But whilst holding a weight bar overhead...
      The idea is to keep the bar straight when you squat...
      I'll try to show a pic!

  8. You are totally rockin' the Cross Fit! Nice job! :) I'd like to try it out, but a couple of my friends said they puked the first time, and that scared me off.

    1. Um..... I still puke from time to time....
      It once was every time! YES!
      I consider a Badge Of Honor!


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