22 February 2012

shopping fail

I thought the day I went shopping for clothes -
it would look like THIS...

But instead, I felt like THIS...

The sizes and the fabric and - just the thought of it...
I am actually sweating a little just writing this!
It was very intimidating.
It was just a loud clash of  "then" and "now"
and everything in between!

Looking like a bag of rags here...
They DO look like Pajamas!

3x - oops sorry - wrong department!

I got some new clothes..
Some capris pants and fun tops for the cruise.

But not too freely!

Except if it's this.... Ground Chuck, Green Beans,
Peppers, Onions and a hint of Parm Cheese!

Then, have all you want!


  1. I would love to be your personal shopper!

  2. Well dang! I'm sorry it wasn't a fun experience. Is it because you are still in-between sizes and couldn't find a comfortable fit?? Or just not yet used to being a Petite Person?

  3. Oh, okay, caught the Facebook version, and now I get it. :-D
    It'll get better with more experience, I'm sure.

  4. I always thought that once I lost the weight, I would start to enjoy clothes shopping, but that hasn't happened.
    I am slightly tall so off the rack pants almost never work. Another issue I have is that I HATE that many stores put cameras in the dressing rooms.. don't treat me like a criminal! there are other ways to catch a thief that don't victimize the innocent.
    I have ended up finding two online catalogs that I like: Eddie Bauer and Victoria's Secret, and I pretty much stick to them. I know what sizes I wear and can order with confidence and returns are easy too. EB allows customer comments so if something runs small or large, I can adjust my order.

  5. Shopping can be a mountain high or a valley low, that's for sure. I blame it on the fact that sizing is not static in women's clothing. I can wear a size 8 or I can wear a size 12. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Makes it much harder all the way around. That being said, some of my best shopping experiences have been with girlfriends who are willing to be brutally honest in telling me what looks good, therefore I have not a whit of care about the size!!

  6. I have discovered that my favorite place to shop is Goodwill. Otherwise, it can be downright nightmarish.

  7. I hope your new clothes will be worn with joy and pride in how much you have achieved.

  8. Speaking of Goodwill, I donated ALL my fat clothes - even shoes (yes shoes). If I gain weight now, I'll have nothing at all to wear and I refuse to spend one cent on a bigger size. It's a great deterrent to weight gain.

  9. I wanna see the new clothes. It's kind of like wonderland to go into a "petite" dept! Imagine, stuff that fits from shoulders to waist -- what!! waist? Then there's the pants that go from the waist down to your feet -- without the extra folds at the bottom. I never found 3X petite, though I was sure it existed. I thought I'd find it in Costa Rica on a vacation, but found that no one there got bigger than a size 12!

    Can't wait for the pics of the cruise, and what food banquets have to display. Have a spectacular time!

  10. I hate shopping for clothes. My daughters will try to help but it's still not fun for me. Sad but true.


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