03 February 2012

food and hair

Ground Beef.... Green Beans.... 

This is the plate that gets more "likes" than
all my meals - and me - combined!

Here, I put some peppers and onions into a
Mini Food-Processer... Made a pepper mash -
Ground Beef.... Green Beans... yum!

The gelatin is making my hair and nails grow....
It's not a complete protein. But is a good supplement.

Yesterday in CrossFit
My avg HR was 120....
My max HR was 180!
The WOD was "Helen"
400 meter run + 15 squats + 12 ring rows...
I did this twice in 10 minutes!
* "Helen" [the WOD] actually has kettle bell swings...
But we had already done those in class! *

One year ago (pink)  and now (black).
My weight is never seeming to go down.
I still wear a medium.
And it is so loose I might lose my garments!
I just don't feel "small."
But I know that weight is nowhere near
a goal that I should ever want again!
For better or worse.

I went to try on some clothes...
I really don't wear a 48 men's anymore!
Onward and Downward!


  1. Yes - "Onward and Downward!" I like that :)

  2. You do look great. Your skin & hair -- wow.

  3. I do like some greenie beanies! You are lookin' mahvelous dahling.

  4. Have you tried on a "small"???? Those mediums are huge on you. P.S. I "like" you better than any meal any day :)

  5. I found it interesting that you still wear a hugely baggie size medium... and you said you "just don't feel small". So, they might fit? But you aren't yet comfortable in them? I assume you've tried them on, right? Maybe wear them at home til you feel it's "you"?

    Anyway, I agree, you really are looking good, you have a healthy "glow" about you.

  6. Looking good, Anne. Keep it up and don't forget to include us in the journey.

  7. Your food always looks great, and so do you!

    You are tiny!!! Really small. Hope you got some clothes that FIT!


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