17 February 2012

a survey

Dear Bloggers

I am asking everyone I know... Nurses, Doctors, People....
FaceBook People... Bloggers... EVERYONE!

  1. Do you take an Omega 3 supplement?
  2. Do you limit your Omega 6 intake?
  3. Do you limit your total PUFA intake?
  4. And If so... what percent of pufas are in your diet?

If you can, please take a moment and help a Blogger out! (Me!)
You all know I am PUFA - obsessed...
But hey - it's a harmless hobby and it keeps me off the streets!

Anne H


  1. I limit my trans fats, but I had to google PUFAs!
    I do take omega 3 supplements.

  2. I do not take Omega 3 supplements and I don't consciously limit Omega 6. I do, however, limit carbs including most wheat products. I still use grapeseed oil and olive oil which I believe are high in Omega 6. I have no idea of the percentages.

  3. 1. No
    2. Yes
    3. I give my best to do so, although I don't officially count the actual amounts, just keep aware of them and minimize them.
    4. Couldn't tell since as I said I am not officially counting.

  4. I take a fish oil capsule once a day, both to help my joints and my heart. Numbers 2-4, I have no idea...

  5. I take omega 3, 3 x a day. Not really sure about PUFA. Are they good or bad? Not sure what has Omega 6! You are educating us all :)

    1. EGGACTLY!
      We (in general) don't know enough about it!
      Now is a great time for all to learn together!

  6. 1. Yes, 2 per day
    2. Kinda sorta; I try to choose better oils, not the high pufa oils
    3. Not sure, since I'm confused as to the difference between pufa's and omega 6's
    4. Don't have a clue

    I'm still working on the big stuff, like staying on plan and not eating too much. So hopefully someday I'll get down to the detail stuff. :-}

  7. 1. Do you take an Omega 3 supplement? Yes.
    2. Do you limit your Omega 6 intake? No.
    3. Do you limit your total PUFA intake? No

  8. I tAke fish oil every day

    Sometimes you get too complicated for me, your nurse is shining through.... Me just dumb grocery store manager....


  9. No supplements. Limit O-6 by not eating processed foods or using PUFA's. Eat a lot of grass fed meats, Omega 3 eggs, salmon and sardines and walnuts. Assume my ratios are good but have no idea how to calculate.

  10. I do take omega 3 fish oil 2x a day

    Works for me so far!

  11. I do take omega 3 daily. I think every doc I know does. I don't limit omega 6 and you've certainly got me thinking about pufa


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