06 February 2012

reject the left right paradigm

Remember - you heard it here first!

Hey - What a GREAT name for a beer store....
AA Beverage! Bound to be a hit.

I'm told you can rent abandoned warehouse 
For only $5000 a night.
And I learned a new cuss word at work.
Just when I thought I'd heard them all!

Went to the store.... looked at all the Omega 3 choices...
Far too many... and most of them are crap.
I would rather kiss a Dead Mooses Butt (link) than go back 
and take that awful, horrible, putrid Fish Oil.
The Cod Liver Oil was ok... but not the fish oil.
I felt so bad on it, I will just never go back to taking it.
No matter what. Ever. Poor BullWinkle!

Two Vitamins D3...
1000 international units each.
One is made with Soybean Oil (boo)
And the other is made with Olive Oil. (meh) 
Gotta stand there and read every label.
Every time. Just gotta do it  - to be sure!

Speaking of reading labels and knowing your products....
All Natural does NOT mean Grass Fed...
Organic does NOT mean Grass Fed...
Cows eating a "Vegetarian Diet" does NOT mean they are Grass Fed...

I actually put time and effort into styling this today!
With hair spray. Grows fast!
Next on my list is to buy a brush. (j/k)

 Wish you could have seen the Moon last night!
It was cool and bright!
So good to be busy.... but not too busy!
And hungry ... but not TOO hungry!


  1. I gave up on omega-3 pills a while ago. I just make sure to eat lots of oily fish and keep the omega-6s as low as possible. From what I've read it's more about the balance between the 3s and 6s than about the amount of the 3s. Don't know if I am doing the right thing, but at least it feels more natural this way.

    AA Beverage - hilarious.

    Oh, and I always love your hair. It suites you perfectly and always looks nice. Wish I had it in me to cut mine that short.

  2. I just switched from fish oil to Krill Oil... do you have any thoughts on Krill??

  3. What? I thought you were doing good on the fish oil. Why not taking it?

  4. Your hair is fab! The healthfood store is one of the most frustrating places to be. The salespeople haven't a clue what they are selling, and just want to make a quick buck. You literally do have to read every single label. Annoying!

  5. I really like that first pic!!

    Also? I take 10,000 IUs of D3/day (I use Metagenics brand). And I use Vital Nutrients fish oil. It's the good stuff!

  6. You must have done something to piss me off, because I tagged you in this silly post: http://jackfit.blogspot.com/2012/02/11-questions-11-answers-and-11-lb-loss.html Don't ever do it again!

  7. reject the left right paradigm - OK! :-)

    I need to get my hair done too! I hate the age thing cause I so want to change to fun colors but with all the gray PLUS that dark color hair one gets with aging too - well, I can't afford the upkeep every 2-3 weeks - I am bored! AND, I so love your hair! My curly/frizzy hair has limitations to what I can do unless I want to spend ungodly amounts of time on it! ;-)

  8. Jody, I color my hair myself, every 5 weeks with Garnier Nutrisse. Could probably go long except I also wear it very short. If you watch the ads you can get coupons or twofer sales that keep the price down. It's very easy, mix, apply, wait a half hour then jump in the shower and wash it off. I'm 76 and a faux redhead.

  9. You got to read them labels...ignorance may be bliss, but not a great excuse. Way to be committed to the details.

  10. Hey I used hairspray for the first time in years yesterday... It was fun!


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