18 February 2012

at the store

A little silicone Egg poacher

Ground Chuck, Green Beans, you know the rest....
Onions, Peppers, Bacon slice, Cheese...

We live in hell.... Now, there is DHA Omega 3 milk!
I almost puked when I saw this.
Ralph Holman - who named the Omegas...
I wonder what he would think of all this.

Please wake me up from this horrid nightmare!
This Omega 3 exploitation is made by adding a synthetic oil
to "organic" milk... it's not made by giving the cows grass 
to eat so they could make their own Omegas.... (link)

You look very nice today!
"Complimentary" hand wipes......lol

Salmon at the store... but they were all Atlantic
Which is a euphemism for "Farmed"
And therefor skewed Omega 6's...way high!
Another facet of life in hell
 Sleepy smile

Heluva Good dip...
See? Told ya

No dairy, just cokes and diet cokes and stuff
Carrying all this stuff around in the store... no cart, of course...
I found $12 on the floor... and not a soul in sight!
So I did a weighted squat and grabbed it up!
And never missed a beat!

I've been very happy for about a week.
And strong and happy with lots of energy!
WTH is up with that!
It's been so long I had forgotten what it's like
to feel good!

I added Vitamin D and iodine to my daily deal.
And I have been a happy little camper ever since.

I feel my body getting stronger... lots stronger!
I scored big time on a sale on my (current) fave coffee...
Major Dickason's (link).... I make it double strength.
Most of the time I brew it with cream - not water!
Et tu Brute!


  1. i upped my Vitamin D this week and can see the huge difference..and thank you for all the pics..it helps me.

  2. What's the brewing method with cream? I would guess you are not pouring cream into your Mr. Coffee...but what do I know.

    78 days!

    1. lol - I don't have a coffee pot...
      I just pour the cream over the coffee grounds in a metal basket....
      and right into the cup! Sometimes.... Make the coffee VERY rich!

    2. Hot/warm cream? I will try this!

      today I made the biscuit recipe from the cookbook Paleo Comfort Foods... delish!

      77 days!

  3. I love that egg poacher :)
    Sounds like an interesting coffee!!

  4. The egg poacher is cute! Glad to hear you're so happy. I've been on 5,000u vitamin d for a while now and I think it makes tons of difference!

    1. I never would have believed it if I hadn't experienced it myself!

  5. I am happy that you are happy!!!


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