01 February 2012

not yukky

Saw this in a bathroom!
Had to share it!

Didn't eat yesterday.... too yukky...
DID eat this last night.... way yummy!

After CrossFit... all sweaty!
I never, ever sweat in the face.
No matter how hot it got, or how hard I worked -
I wasn't able -  Till now! I always thought it was from 
an old heat injury I got in the Army.

Wednesday is my Saturday!
But no slacking! With only 90 something days
till vacation, I want to make every day count.

Going to see a Doc about my limitation of movement
in my right upper leg and my right shoulder.
Maybe he can get me some restorative movements.
Before I end up all yukky.
Don't want to end up all yukky.

Cutting back on coffee - as is a custom (by now)
once or twice a year. I take a coffee "break."
and I am loving the Green Tea and Ginseng! 
I don't even miss the java.

Gave all my starches to Pat. 
She likes them. Needs them. Loves them.
And they love her. Perfect match.
For now. My Body said "No!" so NO it is!
For now.

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Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. I'll be sure to send my starches to Pat. I need them out of my life.:)

    1. Yeah, ya know -- we try something.... we may be ready for it....
      We may NOT be... the thing is.... we TRIED!
      No shame in trying.
      Maybe next year.
      I'm still open to the idea, and think it's a good one!

  2. Good luck with the cutting out coffee!!
    I will try to think only good things about Paula :)
    Glad your not feeling yukky today.

  3. Thumbs down on yukky! You're lucky you don't sweat on your face. That's the only place I do sweat, and that is yukky--especially for the makeup! Good luck on getting rid of the coffee and starches. Glad you're watching out for Paula. Great post!

  4. Your video was funny... but it also carried truth. I think she is totally misguided in the direction she is going... but she IS facing a serious health issue, and it saddens me to read how some people almost gleefully make snarky comments. I've had people mock me and make snarky comments about me, in the guise of "helping me" ... in blogland... and it did NOT make me want to listen to a thing they had to say.

    So if all the judgers in the peanut gallery really want to get her to listen, they might try compassion and kindness along with their version of truth. Okay, stepping off soapbox now.

    Glad you are not feeling Yukky any more. Is that an official diagnosis... Yukky-itis... !?

  5. I've cut back on the coffee too! I find that having my tea ritual is relaxing. I love the taste of tea as well, so all is good. Really enjoying your blog! :)


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