26 February 2012

bag of tricks

My needs are simple - or not! 
Just a whole bag of tricks - for work

Being Prepared is half of it!
Now, too, at the end of the day, I'm not too tired
to carry a bag up the steps or make a second trip to get stuff!
Or even a 3rd or 4th or 5th trip!

Been getting compliments from total strangers - 
I'm still the same invisible fatty I used to be -
Why all the fuss?

Something about the color of my eyes - they were always kinda hazel.
Kinda Brownish with a ring of green around the pupils.
Now people think they are blue. Three people so far - recently!
Even the passport lady wrote down blue. Or aqua.
Can eye color change?
I guess now it can! My diet has changed.... 
So - sure - why not!?

My Mother used to swear that my eyes 
turned green when I was mad.

This is Annie. 
It's always good to know that Someone loves me.
She loves me so much - I don't think she can stand it sometimes.
What I welcome I get when we meet! 

Hope your week is going great!


  1. Nice bag o' tricks you've got there. Now that is an awesome dog!

  2. I don't know if I have a bag of tricks, but my gym bag has my garmin, my chest strap for the heart rate, a MP4 player, a lock/key for lockers, a water bottle, and a sweat towel.

    1. By the Powers - you have just inspired me to build up a gym bag.
      Now that I am a Gym Rat, and all! Thanks!

  3. Great bag of supplies, Anne. I need to throw together something similar. I'm still deciding about my plan but it will definitely be lower carb.

  4. You are very lovable :)
    My son has hazel eyes but when he is sick they go a very light blue. Strange how our body chemistry works isn't it?

  5. Most definitely blue in that picture! And yes...I do believe eye color can change, although mine have always been a dark blue/gray. I don't really need a bag of tricks any more as I work at home...but one that goes with me whenever I go out is my water-filled water bottle!

  6. Some people's eyes change colour depending on the colour of the sky that day, or what they are wearing.
    Mine are blue, always have been, never going to change.

  7. My husband has your kind of eyes... chameleon eyes! And they DO seem to change colors, depending on what he's wearing, the surrounding colors reflected in his eyes, etc. Very fascinating... just like you! :-)

  8. I have always said and thought I had brown eyes but one of my eye doctors told me they were more green or hazel. I still put down brown on my driver's license.

  9. Quit Kickin' that Dog!

    Guess which neighbor.;-)

  10. Yep. My eyes change colors, depending on mood, what I'm wearing, time of day, etc. Mostly green most of the time, grass green when furious, flat grey when I'm sick.

  11. Hi Anne! Just wanted to thank you for dropping in for a visit at Happy Days!!
    Hope you'll be back for more visits! It's mostly about my kitty Barney Fife, my 2 Grandgirls ages 5 & 7, and now a puppy will add to the mix come April. I find your blog very interesting. I read back about 2 weeks and found it really interesting, so I'll be back!! ...debbie

  12. What a sweet puppy :)
    Love your bag of goodies!
    My eyes are hazel so sometimes they're browner and sometimes greener.


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