31 January 2012

functional movement screening

Every now and then, the Coaches 
put us through a screening....  (link)
to test for range of motion, and function.

I've had this test before.... this is the same test they use 
in the NFL to screen for injury/ ability.... all that. (link)

These are some of the movements... without the fancy board.
I am lucky and glad to do one or two of them! 

*Note* SOME people might be a wee bit sarcastic, 
and when they say they are "lucky" to do one of them, 
they are actually being sarcastic. 
I try to avoid that (and have for many years).
So when I say I'm lucky to do this, I mean just that.
Everything requires a disclaimer these days.  Sheesh.
Even how I talk or write.

OK Ready? Here we go!

Left Arm and Right Leg Extended
Checks for Core Balance.
I couldn't do them both on the same side!
[As in pointing the Left Leg and the Left Arm]

Now touch the Elbow to the Knee!
But not to the floor.
Did that move about 5 times - each side.

Same Pose, now back on the Butt like sitting.

Lay on your Stomach.
When I first started I could not do this!
The goal is to try to do a push up from here!

Testing for Lower Back Pain....none.... good....

Stick on the Head... checking for Shoulder/Elbow stuff

Squat with that stick... ok... but look - my right shoulder is 
all out of whack... that Rotor Cuff didn't heal up 100%
These tests show what areas we need work in!
No pain, but lots of compensation!

Stepping over a (imaginary) wire...
While looking straight ahead... 
None of these are easy!

Leg up while keeping the other Knee on the ground.
And the Butt. And Lower Back. 
They stay on the ground too!
The UP leg should go straight up!

Our screening and classes are soooo slow
But I like that. I think the first year or so is just about
fundamentals. No hurry... this is forever.

So while other classes are 
wiggling and jiggling and slinging and flinging,
And dipped and stripped it and ripped it like before --
We are still doing balance and core stuff...
But each rep is perfect!
And no injury pain... just that burn!


  1. You look like you're doing well, Anne. You sure have come a long way on your journey. I'm sure it feels good to be able to move so well. I would be delighted, and I'm waiting for the day to come--this is the year!

    1. THANKS! When I first started I couldn't climb the stairs!
      Little old ladies would offer to help me! BAH!

  2. You are da bomb!!
    I'm going to give these a try tomorrow :)

    1. The "real" moves are done with measured boards and pipes... to see how how we step.... etc...
      It is always about form form form!

  3. I'd get an "F" in that screening. You rock! You are so right - it is forever. No rush, just GET THERE! Booyah!!

    1. Don't get me wrong.... I want it YESTERDAY!
      But I know that is a set-up for failure...
      One day, one step, one move, one breath, one bite at a time!

  4. Very interesting stuff, I have never heard of any of this. To go from trouble climbing stairs to where you are now is VERY impressive! It has only been a few years, right? I will give some of these moves a go and see how I fare. I also watched your foam roller video... can you reasonably pack that in your suitcase, I want to try!

    1. I'll do it! Can't wait.... counting the days!

    2. WooHoo! I am SO ready for this vacation!


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