01 March 2012

casual day

Hair Growing Days for sure around here!

Got some days off...  much needed.
All I did was sit there. Ah!
After I saved up all the money I needed for my vacation...
That's always good to be prepared-ed.

I feel good about adding back some chicken breasts - no skin....
and tuna to my diet.
They are not high in Omega 3. 
I would even call them Neutral PUFA's.
So low - they are relatively benign.

This is 100 grams of Tuna, canned, in Water
9 mg of Omega 6.
Total pufa 0.3 grams.
Super Low Fat - a dieter's dream!

Compare that to 100 grams of Tuna packed in Oil.
2489 mg of Omega 6.
That is almost 2 1/2 grams of Omega 6!
Just shoot me now!
3 GRAMS total PUFA!
Sometimes they pack the Tuna in soybean oil.
Sometimes Olive Oil. Gotta read every label. Every time.

Are you starting to get the basics of this PUFA stuff?
I'm not sure about anything.
No ratio.
No stupid flax seed. 
No extra Fish Oil (I still take my Cod Liver Oil)
Not sure about anything except to avoid Omega 6!
That includes all the seed oils.
Most of the Nut oils.

Except for Macadamia Nuts.
They are the one "Nut" exception to the Omega 6s.
This is 1 cup - or 132 grams.
One pound is 453 grams.
So even if you ate a full pound of Mac Nuts,
That would still be about 6 grams of Omega 6.
And who hasn't done that?
Winking smile

Compare that to just one cup of Walnuts.
130 grams per cup  has 44 grams of Omega 6.
Over 44 GRAMS of Deadly Omega 6 per ONE cup.
You heard me. Deadly.
PLEASE don't think that all nuts are the same.
They are not!
Not all oils are the same, either!
Off we go - to learn together!
Rolling on the floor laughing


  1. I am pleased to know that chicken is ok again, however I'm bad and love the skin. I will try to change that. Have a great day today.:-)

    1. Hope your day is good to Karen - have a skinless day!

  2. I'm still confused. Why is flaxseed stupid? I almost purchased a rather large bag of it this past week but put it back because of the price. Sigh.

    1. For me - flax has alot of Omega 6....
      Per 100 grams
      Total Omega-3 fatty acids 22,813 mg
      Total Omega-6 fatty acids 5911 mg

      Read More http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/nut-and-seed-products/3163/2#ixzz1nt1Oh2KY

      Flax makes Linseed Oil... which is used to varnish Furniture, actually...
      And I don't like the taste... I think there are other things that are better.
      But guess what - I still have mine - and didn't throw it out... so..... hey!

  3. I get it...keep the 6s low...I have never tried a macadamia nut all by itself...I saw them in the store and they are $15.99 for a small jar. Are they THAT good?

    Love the hair...you have some of the best hair I have ever seen!!!

    1. Yes. They are that good.
      I got mine in bulk. About $13 a pound.
      I eat some and give some to my Trainer.
      What I would eat in a hour - he eats in a week.

      And thanks about the hair compliment.
      My hair has a mind of it's own.
      I must have watched the musical "Hair" once too often!
      As if!

  4. The more I learn, the more I realize I don't know anything.......

  5. Hi Anne, worth a read.


    1. Brigitte - YAY!
      Thanks - I think he's on to something....
      NOW however, I am tending to go one step beyond...
      I think ALL pufas are in that category.
      Yes -even the Omega 3's... and need to be limited!


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