02 September 2011

baby crying day

The Nike store in NorthPark Mall -
You can design your own shoes -
And they make them for you!

"If you have a body
You are an athlete"
Bill Bowerman


Planks in Fashion

Ice Cream for Breakfast -
At Tiffany's

Fashion for Dummies 
Pants Half Off Sale

Happy Clinique Lady
Gave me a lipstick sample!
Thank you!

Corner Market Salad...
There was a Baby Book Reading at the mall today.
Every skinny little Mommy brought
Every screaming toddler and child and baby
In Greater Dallas.
My - how they can scream!
Where DO they get the lung capacity?

They cried to soooo much, the nice Manager
gave me a coffee - on the house!

I actually helped Little Miss shop for shoes
And didn't get us kicked out of there!

A very fancy mall

 And a very pretty one!

Hope your day is strong!


  1. All stores I would love to visit. have a great weekend Anne. hugs.

  2. Damn hard days lately....
    Glad I am not an emotional eater.
    Just damn hard days.
    Thanks for reading, y'all....

  3. Ha ha... fashion for dummies, that one cracked me up. Have a great weekend, Anne! :)

  4. Ohh, and sorry to hear about hard days. *hugs* Hope it'll all pass soon and get light and easy :)

  5. Wishing you a great day, Anne. I have no tolerance for screaming children either. I used up all my patience working in child care when I was a single mom.

  6. Where is this mall? I want to go there. :)

    Hope you are having a good day today.

  7. OH, I would loooooooove some custom made Nikes!

    And I'm with you on the screaming kids.

    Hope your days get easier...Hugs.

  8. Hard days are just that: HARD. Thankfully they pass - believe me, they do (you know this)....but it's horrid to be in the middle of it - just want you to know, i'm thinking of you-hugs n' strength your way Anne H!

  9. Oh I soooo know what you mean about the screaming babies in malls and especially book stores. I yiyi! You deserved TWO coffees.

    This looks like a pretty swank mall-- Hope they had the A/C cranked up so you could stay cool.

    Happy Labor Day! xo jj


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