01 September 2011

gain a-gain

My trainers are discussing the awesome numbers
that are mine! Robert and Sam. 
Sam has the "Cougar group!"

We did the numbers - 
And I gained  another (almost) 3 pounds
of pure muscle these last 6 weeks!

So that's nearly 6 pounds of muscle gain -
Since starting CrossFit. Which was April - 
But what with the double concussion and all -
I really only count From May! So, 4 months.

BMI still the same 28% and some change.
Always room for some improvement!

These look big, but they are only 10 # each!
Hot smile

What a relief - I knew I was gaining -
And I hoped it was more muscle!
And I'm not really even trying!

All kinds of new proportions... and a new sole.... (soul)
Thumbs up

Mine are real! Thank You Very Much!

I ordered a new memory foam mattress - finally -
Cuz after all those years of being heavy,
I wore this last one out!
(Also got some more protein!) 

The UPS guy left the Bed In A Box
 with a neighbor downstairs...
It's only 80 pounds... so I carried it up -
With my neighbor Pat here to spot me,
and lift the leading egde if it got caught!
I CAN do hard things!

Stay Strong!
WE can do hard things!


  1. Yes, let's hear it for real tatas and real strong women!

    I definitely need a new mattress. Just been lazy about getting one. And I so want MORE MUSCLE!!!!

    :) Congrats. Keep at it. Be amazinger.
    (And that note about the "she'll eat it" neighbor is hilarious.)

  2. You are a real muscle lady!!! That picture of you with the big weights is very cool - I don't care if they're only 10 pounds each.

  3. Yay! Thanks! I like it too, Shelly!
    I only added that part in case somebody thinks
    I'm braggin' again! Which of course, I am!

    I think good muscles and weight and health
    starts with a good night's sleep - so I "splurged"
    and got the mattress - shoulda done that a year ago!

  4. Muscles Anne :)
    I always love your pictures

  5. A new bed is always good thing!
    You definitely look hard core with those weights.

  6. Woo hoo! You must tell me what the memory foam mattress's are really like, I'd love one! (I think)

  7. wow, you are strack! lol @ mine are real. I need that shirt.

  8. Totally cracking up over the note to UPS/FED EX. :-D

    Wow... those weights you were lifting looked bigger than you!!

  9. That is awesome, Anne! Such a strong lady, you are, but we already knew that even from before you started getting these kick ass muscles. Yay for a new mattress. I need a new one, too, same reason.

  10. I think ye be eating a lot of spinach, yes me matey. your doing awesome. I like the foam mattress and need a new one too, but waiting a while longer. take care chickadee. loved your note about your neighbor. lol. too funny.

  11. Way to go on all that muscle. You sure they are 10# plates? look like 45ers to me. Cool you have trainers :) Yea, mine are fake but I'm ok with that lol. Yes you can do hard things ms. muscle woman :)

  12. Way to go on lifting that mattress. You rock! Great progress. All we need is progress, right?

  13. You're doing so great, Anne. Love to see the workouts doing such wonderful things.

  14. Let's hear for the girl!!! (Footloose music running in my hear right now!) Love the note/sign to the Fed Ex person!! Priceless!!

  15. my head! my head!! Must learn to proof read!! AAAHHHH!!!!!


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