23 September 2011


TOW maters -
Beefstake tomatoe's

Picklelicious Pickles
Chicken flavored pickles!

Please don't squeeze the Avocados!

By people who know

For spotted children

Angry Birds

Fine Foo ..... In Bee

D' Carbo - that explains it!

All in a days work!

Something was missing or different 
or misspelled about each sign I saw.
All in one day! WOW!
Maybe it's a *sign*?

Hope your day is great!


  1. I have never seen flavoured pickles!!

  2. now that is a guy I'd give a few dollars to :)

    um chicken flavored pickles? behhhheahajfuuuuu

  3. I DID give a few bucks to the guy -
    It was a really cute sign!
    We must be kindred sprits!

  4. Red Lobster would be great for lots of people if they could afford it. Times are getting tighter and tougher.

    Check out my hubby's post about our experience going off wheat and gluten while doing low carb. Tell me what you think.

  5. Thanks an interesting collection of signs, Anne. I bet the pickle people have a great sense of humor!
    Happy weekend, xo jj


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