13 September 2011

highland park

Nice Omelet Fixings

Then it's time for a lovely walk -
A lovely walking path

People put art everywhere in Highland Park!

A Women's Exchange.... 
for exchanging women, perhaps?

A "lions only" drinking fountain/though - 
A throwback from earlier times, when lions 
didn't share statuary with tigers or bears - oh my!

More dried fruits are available this year -
Or is it me - cuz now I want them?

Must be Autumn.... still over 100 here!
Maybe that's why the corn is all dried out?
All these little gourds, too. Pity!

A lovely day for a walk and a drive!
And for getting my "stuff" together!
And do I ever need it!

Stay strong - 
Hope you are having a delightful day!


  1. Highland Park is actually a little city in Dallas Proper.
    Very nice - near SMU.
    Lots of art, dining, shopping, and pretty houses!

  2. Next summer - I am moving -
    getting a temp postion as a traveling nurse...
    The heat was almost too much for me!
    If I hadn't lost the weight I did, I would not have endured.
    So next year - Alaska - Oregon - Colorado -
    Someplace with mountains, hiking and lots to do!
    Remember - you heard it here first!

  3. You should write for Groupon!
    Totally irreverent!


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