24 September 2011

rehoboth ranch

Went to Greenville Tx - about 45 minutes drive -
To pick up some grass-fed beef 

Red barns and cats and cows and nice guys...

It was a perfect day for a drive - by the way!

Little Miss Kitty followed me all around -
Maybe she thought I would drop some liver!

Awesome scenery all the way there - and back

Carnivores only - all others avert your gaze!
I got soup bones, a chicken, 
Some ground beef and some beef liver.

All the beef is grass-fed. All the chicken are 
out in a pasture eating grubs and 
whatever it is chickens eat!

There are probably 20 grass-fed ranches just around DFW!
Some deliver to the local Farmer's Markets.
Here's a link to Eat Wild. It's pretty complete!
It's a national directory for all things ...natural.

Hope your day is Yay!
And not so much Neigh!


  1. And thanks to everyone who has asked after me -
    I'm still a little hoarse... but getting better every day!

  2. Good thing they don't sell grass fed "hoarse" at the ranch, eh? lol

    That's so fantastic that you have a source for grass fed beef and grub fed chickens! Do they also sell eggs?

  3. Miss K - they have eggs, but because of the drought,
    the chickens molted early and didn't lay as many!
    Kinda a shortage down here.
    But I did get some at the Farmer's Market the other day!

  4. Now I know the answer to "Where's the beef?"

  5. Miss Kitty is prolly eating a Catkins diet too. ;-)

  6. Sounds like a good day. I hope you enjoy your meat.

  7. What a great place to pick up healthy meats!! Glad your starting to feel better. I'm still a little hoarse too :(

  8. We have locally-produced meats here in our tiny town, meaning they come from local cows and pigs, and they're butchered and prepared within 15 miles of us. We have never had such excellent-tasting meat.

  9. Nice to take a little drive and not to be your work. The soup bones sound good. I have been making many soups here lately. Glad you had a nice day.


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