22 September 2011

traveling nurse

I love Dallas Texas, and consider it to be my home forever.

I sat here in the 100+ degree heat every night for over 60 days.
And I thought - How can I ... What is...Huh?
Then, it came to me. I don't have to stand here and take it.

IF there is ever again a Heat Wave like we had this summer,
I am outta here!

I could take my little Nursing License 
And go just about anywhere.
Maybe anywhere in the world, 
given my Army experience.

Places near a beach. Near the mountains.
Places that I could learn alot from.
Some agencies even pay Nurses to travel
and give them free rent.

I would totally do that for 90 days.
As much as I love to travel - it's an awesome opportunity!
I have no kids (that I know of...)
So why not hit the road. And get paid!

An idea as simple and perfect as this.
It's in the "almost too good to be true" phase!

First, a new diet. Then a new mattress.
A new look. New outlook!
Who knew things could just fall into place
so eloquently!

Why didn't I think of this before!


  1. Fabulous idea! Do it while you're still young. :)

  2. Ahhhh---to see different sites!! Good luck with this new endeavor!

  3. That would be a fantastic thing to do :)

  4. Seriously!! Engineers Without Borders was looking really good this summer, anything to get away from the heat.

    Today? Today is good, though. Very nice and cool outside.

  5. My most favorite nurse ever was a traveling nurse. She was from arkansas and was amazed at my uncanny ability to do something that I didn't know I could do. Not that I did it on purpose. Anyway, she was the best and I was sad when day two of my hospital stay revealed that she had moved on to her next city. Anne! You could travel here!

  6. We barely had a summer here in Oregon... come here! We have lots of old farts to take care of... ha ha ha.... including myself in that description. ;-)

  7. Rettakat - to spend a summer in Oregon working as a Hospice Nurse
    would be like a highlight of my career! It's first on my list!
    Followed closely by Alaska.
    And the places that no -one has ever hear of or been to..

  8. Brilliant idea! I wish I had finished nursing school now! I love the sound of traveling like a free-spirit and actually get paid for it! Colorado would be awesome!

  9. I know a young person who has done this (from Minnesota, traveled first to Seattle, then to San Francisco) and it has worked out great for her.

  10. Gosh - I wonder now if I'm too old for this!
    50 is the new something...I've heard!

  11. Fabulous idea. You could come to New Zealand!

  12. What a wonderful idea. Why not travel? I have a nurse friend who is looking into the very same thing.

  13. I did this for 2 years and loved it--most of the time. I never got to half the places I wanted to go. I worked in Kentucky, Washington Dc , New Orleans and a total of 2 winters / springs in Tucson. I lurved Tucson, and spent a lot of my spare time at the Grand Canyon and Sedona and a few trips to Mexico. Do it. Once you get somewhere you usually acquire a circle of friends and then sometimes travel together. But some locations are lonely-New ORleans for one. I only worked with one other traveler and my apartment complex only had a couple staying there. But what's cool is using eacn new location as a jumping off for travel on the weekends and days off. But you do have to get a license for each state. I had a cat and paid a little extra to have my own apartments but they paid the majority of the rent for furnished apartments. It wasn't a financial gain for me because I kept taking time off to travel between assignments, but I wouldn't change it.

  14. Somehow, I think you will always be in exactly the right spot!! Hope you are starting to feel better. Can you get back to crossfit today?

    I read your blog everyday, I just go thru long periods of silence, or some kind of typing atrophy.

    your abiding buddy, katrina

  15. Oh, by the way, it was 112 on my south facing deck today. It was cool in the morning, and in the evening, though. Oh yeah, and in the air conditioned house, too -- thank God!!!

  16. I think that would be a wonderful idea. our best weather here all season has been the last two weeks. beautiful, warmest time of the day is around 330. Your young enough still dear one....hey maybe Canada....just putting it out there. hugs.

  17. DO IT!! I wanted to do that when I had my license, but I got a BF then a couple of kids. I can't wait to see where you will go.

    I love my bed! It's really important to have a bed that you really love.

  18. Ok, is 51 to old to become and nurse so I can travel and get paid??? Dump the husband...... Naaa ok ok... I got carried away there

    Lol :p

  19. "I have no kids (that I know of...)" YOU CRACK ME UP!

    A traveling nurse is a great idea. Go for it!

    xo jj

  20. What an epiphany. I am so proud of you for opening your mind and your heart to taking care of yourself while you take care of others.


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