28 September 2011

then and now

☝Above  - now
Below - then☟

What's different? 
Less dairy... still some though...a tad
No grains... even less substitute grains
No peanuts, and much less sf "treats"
More berries - lots of salads, and veggies!
Much less cooking with multiple ingredients...
Much simpler this way.
All most grass-fed beef and meats.
Local produce from the Farmer's Market

What a difference two years can make!


  1. Less processed stuff - less complicated -
    Less stuff from a box - More stuff from the ground!
    In a good way, of course!

  2. As I am scarfing down a bowl of Dutch chocolate ice cream with a big scoop of peanut butter this leaped of your page at me.

    "Say this over and over to yourself until you've got it through your rebellious head: My tendency to overweight is one sign of a chronic metabolic disorder. My physiology doesn't handle certain kinds of foods, as slim physiolgies do. I mustn't try to compare my eating habits to those who have never had a weight problem. Not now. Not ever."

  3. Love the picture quilt. How'd ya do that??

  4. Good job on finding things that are working for you. Farmers market produce is the best! :)

  5. Compared to how most people eat, both groups are great. I do agree, the now pile is better. Less processed and simpler is always better in my book. You've done really well, Anne :)

  6. I've been told that "local" is every bit as good and sometimes better than "organic." Compared to the average diet of most Americans I say either group is better! I love how you continually evolve to figure out what's best for you.


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