27 September 2011

chicken ranch

Best little cast iron dutch oven
in Texas

Eggs from a ranch where chickens walk around
all day laying perfect double yolked eggs -
And clucking!

They put them in a moveable pen so coyotes and bobcats
don't help themselves to a fast - food chicken dinner

Chicken + water + salt... cooked 6 hours or so

The best chicken I have ever had!
The meat came right off of the bone.

And a ton of broth or stock!
I added some vinegar to help
bring out the good things!

I WISH you could taste it!

Stick a fork in it - it's done!

Hope your day is great!


  1. I will be getting all my chickens from these guys...
    Or one of a dozen ranches nearby!
    Not so much store -bought chicken
    in my immediate future! Not when the alternative
    is this easy and this tastee!

  2. Mmmm... I'm gonna have eggs tomorrow on top of my hamburger patty. Your photo looks yummy. :-)

  3. And thank you for such a wonderful comment on my post. You made me smile and blush all at the same time. :-D

  4. Great photo idea in the end one. I got lucky one day and a chicken got loose in the neighborhood and was hanging around my truck. It laid a brown egg right under it. I ate it. The egg not the chicken. LOL. I am a weird person when it comes to nature suddenly appearing unexpectedly at my door. I saw it as a low carb omen. lol

  5. The chicken around here is like that and the beef is the best we have ever tasted. Even the eggs are awesome. I like eggs again.

  6. Hi Anne,

    I just thougt: maybe I judge people by their chicken broth. To check out your blog was a good start for my day here in Berlin. WALK ON!

    Best wishes, Barbara (Isa Palstek on facebook)


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