07 September 2011

giant octopus day

Chicken, cheese and a few dried cranberries
The other day, someone said my food looked like vomit.
Why don't ya tell me how ya really feel?
Surprised smile

Yes - they are still in the car....
Thank you very much...
Barring teeth smile

Someone please send me some scrubs that fit 
Eye-rolling smile

Get ready to feel the heat -
Heartburn style

Tailgate Atkins style -
Hot smile

Ah - the slings and arrows of weight loss -
Someone on FB said it was like putting a giant octopus to bed.
Just when you get one arm in,
Another arm pops up!
And often in the craziest of places!

So there you have it.
The news from Lake FatBeGone.

Well, my little rant from yesterday is over.
When I get like that (over nothing)
I have trained myself to look beyond the surface 
issues, and try to figure out what is really bothering me.
Sometimes it's just the standard Hungry Angry
Lonely Tired. Sometimes, it's an expectation.

But yesterday was more like me being anxious 
about changing, even if the changes are for the better. 
I don't know. Back to the classroom, eh? 
Character building 101. 
It's a remedial class. I skipped school last time.

But I won't just do an autopsy on the past octopus. 
More like - to study up for the next one!

Stay strong - 
Maybe the worst part is behind us!
Winking smile


  1. Love the octopus metaphor. So true!

    You look sad, Anne. I wish I could give you a huge hug, for real, not the virtual one. But, yes, do stay strong. Hope the next day will be much, much better :)

  2. Weight Loss = putting an giant octopus to bed? Yup, that about sums it up!LOL! I suppose it's when you get tired of fighting the same octopus arms cropping up in the same places again, and again, and again that you finally have to resolve yourself that it's going to take more than cuddling to get this monster into bed! That's when you take your big ol' machete and go to business!! Sorry, gross pic!

  3. I sometimes freeze cans of Slim Fast so that I can eat them with a spoon and make it last longer. At least two people have asked me if I was eating dog food. Weird.

  4. Hang in there, Anne. You are in my thoughts.

  5. Cute - love the little emoticon faces illustrating your thoughts.

  6. Have you read about Lake Wobegon? :D

    Glad today is better!


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