05 September 2011

cravings day

The Tex Mex Massage uses Picante Sauce
instead of oils....

Who wants to shop at "Gain Town?"

Should I follow my head - or follow my heart?
They are both a little goofy!

This is called a "jacket."
We wear them when it is like "chilly."
Autumn lasts about a week in Tejas.
60 degrees today! Brrr- rabbit!

And what - may I ask - do you hope to "discover?"

"Sir - it's the Bat Phone, I'm afraid...."

 The sky was on fire tonight - all lit up!

And so was I - to tell the truth.
I literally sat on my hands today...
Watching the cravings go by....
Like a shepherd might have 
watched over a flock o' sheep.
What can do, I axe ya?

Stay Strong!
It's hard - but it's worth it!
The jury is still out on that one...
Still - hanging on!
(That's what she said!)


  1. I finally understand how strong the cravings can be!
    How people resist them - all the time -
    I just hope they pass soon!

  2. Nope, I am good. No visits to Gain Town for me, please. Follow your head or heart photos - hilarious.

    Oh, the good old cravings. I know how it feels, my friend, believe me I do. What else to do than what you already said. Stay strong. Know what you want and keep focused.

    Hope the craving pass soon, too. *Hugs*

  3. Hang in there and have a good day, Anne. don't let the cravings get you down.

  4. Those wicked cravings are always just around the corner from me waiting to attack!! Fight, fight, fight :)

  5. Constant craving... you know, the KD Lang tune. Now I have that on the brain. Hang tough & stay away from the Gain Store.

  6. I have spent many a dollar at Gain Town. Now I need to find Lose Town!

  7. I could go for a spicy rub!!!

    Cravings suck and I understand about sitting on your hands...I keep mine flying on the keyboard.


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