12 September 2011

it's not enough to show up

It's not enough to just show up.
Looks like I am actually going to have to try.
Effort. Focus. Sweat.

Anyone who doesn't bring a book to CrossFit
will be asked to do 50 Burpees!

Another suitcase in another alley -

That's my usual jumping off point.
My former Modus Operandi.
Effort? Me? Nope. See ya!
Might have to see this one through.
Might be worth actually trying for.

Chicken Salad with dried cranberries
and a Beloved Monster

Florist and Deer Processing -
Must be in Garland!

Animal Carbs 
No lickin' of the chops - please!

I thought it was a Paleo - House...
Paleo-Primal is quite the rage these days!
Or is it just me?

Saw this whilst taking a walk -
I thought it was a one-car parade!

They slowed way down, rolled down the window, 
and waved and honked, and beeped and hollered YaY!!!!

So yay!
I might actually have to start putting forth effort in
CrossFit. It's not enough to just show up and look cool!

Stay Strong! 
Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. Who knows how many times I left the scene
    of something great - because I was afraid to try.
    I didn't finish college for the same reason.
    That, and $$. But mostly, that!

  2. A one-car parade...I like that! Yay!

  3. Lee - it was fun to see!
    They did everything but get out and take a bow!

  4. I haven't been able to give it my best--the primo allergy season makes my breathing iffy some days, though much better than years past.

    There's a place opening up (maybe, I guess, there's a sign and who knows) called The Cave Grill. I keep hoping it's Primal/Paleo!!!!!!!! I hope someone starts up chains of Primal friendly places. Would be nice.

    I know you're giving it a good effort, and I bet you give it your best more often than you'll admit to us. Come on, don't be modest!! :)

  5. Princess - you flatter me!
    Just for you - I will write a blog post
    about how I really spend my days...
    and how I really do at they CrossFit Gym.
    Or Box.

  6. I love the balloonmobile!

    I'm sure you do waaaay more than show up at Cross Fit. :)

  7. I want to know how you really spend your day and how you really do at CrossFit! Can't wait!

  8. WOW, I bet the kid in the backseat thought that he/she was the bee's knees all day long! I bet you had a smile all day too.

  9. Doggy licking his chops, cute :) I liked the balloon mobile too :)

  10. Dried cranberries in chicken salad? That's a new one on me... will have to try that.

    Let's see... maybe they need to make Crossfit funner?? More fun... funny??

    Like, bring some of the balloons from the ballonmobile into the gym/box, and let them float to the ceiling. Then, for an exercise, ya gotta jump up and pop so many before you can go home... mwa ha ha ha...


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