09 September 2011

jerky kits

I made these little dehydrated blueberries.

We are having a cool morning here today!
Almost too cold for shorts! 

Every now and then, you get a bad one

But mostly they are pretty good -
Calorie dense - I am sure.
Use sparingly!

I often have beef jerky - but I don't like the  MSG
and fake stuff they put in - This is a good brand -
but it's like $10 at the QuikTrip!

So I thought I would try to make some at home.

The usual suspects

Got this handy little $40 gizmo...
Dried the strawberries in 6 hours...
Dried the blueberries in 12 hours...

Dried the beef in about 12+ hours...
It was ok - not too shabby for my first time!
Taste was great - texture was better once I cut it
across the grain into little bite-sized bits!

Maybe Paleo Kits are the "Trail Mix" 
of the New Millenium?

I call these Jerky Kits -
All the good names were taken!

I want to try Pemmican next.
I think it might be the next big thing.

Hope your day is wonderful!
Winking smile


  1. Looks like an adventure, Anne. I love jerky but with my TMJ it is difficult to chew now.

  2. Great job on making your own jerky! The Boss called me from work and he was snarfing up a sack of it from the local market...he offered to save me some, but since I don't know exactly what is in it I told him he could eat it all. :(

    Next stop...Texas for some of Miss A's jerky!

  3. We have made it at home too, but in the oven. Haven't done it in ages. Might need to run to the store now...

  4. heehee - I just had to do a double take on the first pic!
    Yes - those are my real legs!
    I'm getting there.
    Day by day, eh?

  5. Those are some good legs, Anne! Look at you, making your own jerky and drying fruit. So cool. Unfortunately, in my life use sparingly and fruit don't mix that well, so I'll skip the blueberries. I'll have some jerky, though. Sounds and looks like something worth trying :) Have a great weekend, Anne!

  6. Nice work on creating your own beef jerky! Hmm, so how cold is it when it is too cold for shorts in Texas?!?!??

  7. I miss having a food dehydrator. Hmm, dehydrate those berries, pound them into dust, mix with some moose meat and you'll have pemmican ... I guess. I had to google pemmican to see exactly what it is. :)

  8. As a true "Due South" fan, I have been a Pemmican fan for many years.
    I would maybe not use a moose, though. Maybe just grass-fed beef!

  9. If I can find it, I'll email you a recipe I got from an old Texas cowboy last month when I went home. Pretty good stuff.. little heavy on the salt, but that's an easy fix. Just gotta dig around to find it. It got me through the long drive home.


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