19 September 2011

avast ye scurvy dogs

Today be the day, wenches!

Get yer grub here - 
And ye won't live to tell

Grok Grog

Scallywags cheating lyin' 
ingesting of the forbidden sf sweeties

A truer treasure was ne'er found 

Walk the Plank!

Hope your International Talk Like a Pirate Day 
is wonderful!


  1. Pistachios! I haven't had any nuts in ages. Perhaps I'll buy some today.

    You look dashing in a pirate hat! :)

  2. Well shiver me timbers! Tis amazin that it be Talk Like A Pirate Day again!

    Avast ye, do I spy a bag o' pistachios?? Thems a mighty fine treasure t' cast yer eye upon!

    Ye drink yer Grog, me hearty. Fer me twill be a mug o' Bumboo with a plate o' Cackle Fruit. ;-)

    Luck be with ye this day, to keep ye from Davie Jones locker!

  3. Omg!! Get down from there :)
    Enjoy your grub, your grog and your nuts today!!

  4. Aaaarrrrgh! Ahoy, there you! Love the pirate hat but get ye down from that there planker ;)

  5. You are one hot pirate!!! Not to mention a machine!!!

  6. Oh this is just what I needed! Love it!


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