26 September 2011

out of towners

Anyone care to caption this - it's just begging for it!

Jesus - this pizza from CiCi's is heavenly!

The local small town car wash - not so much

Aren't we all

Small town gothic

Memory Lane in Candy Land

Gitty Up and Go

Sounds a little "hoarse" to me

I just missed a sign that said Liquid Cattle Feed....
I think they re-cycle poop and feed it back to them.
True story. (link)
Another reason to go with grass-fed beef!
Those "crazy" Paleo people make good sense!

Drive faster - I think I hear banjos!

The country is really nice!
No worries.

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. Cicis Pizza Jesus SAVES... and so can you, stop on in for our special deals. I should have gone into marketing ... but that would have sent me to hell... so .. no nevermind

  2. Oh, so glad to find a store where I can buy Feed & Seed for my pet roaches. :-O

  3. LOL! Comedy central here...thanks for the laughs!

  4. I love those little country roads. In about 48 hours I'll be back in Texas.

    If I have time and can make it to your neck of the woods, wanna meet up? Not sure what all the activites are yet. Keep ya posted.

  5. You gotta outrun those banjos! Loved the post!

  6. I read the article about cows being fed chicken manure. Ugh. I'm inching closer to being vegetarian. :(


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