14 September 2011


What the ..... no Monster?
Roll out of bed just in time for CrossFit...
Walk past the laundry and dishes - all needing to be done...
 Eye-rolling smile

Better go with this then...
Too much coffee before CrossFit 
is NOT such a good idea.
Trust me on this.
 Sick smile

What to wear - what to wear...
 Sleepy smile

This looks good - 
What is it? I forget. Moo - eat it.

CrossFit only gets harder and more real... *sigh* Why?
I'm already reluctant to change.
Change my mind about change. I know. I know!

Gone are the days of falling asleep on the yoga mat...
Dreaming about Ranch Dressing - 
even if it is homemade!

I have a bad attitude, and I whine and complain all day long.
I say I can't when I know I can't!
And for the rest of the time, I have reasons.... aka excuses!
I would be happy to be in the Baby Class 
all year long! My NSV is that I just show up!
Now it looks as though I will have to do something in class.
I don't know how! 
I've only ever failed before. Or quit.

Nothing carries over - every day I start over from scratch.
This must be the "Sissy-Fuss" phase - 
aka Sisyphus.... a Greek mythological King
who was punished by having to roll a heavy 
boulder up the hill every day... only to 
have it roll down the hill... every day.

I'm (mostly) not upset - at all!
I'm just watching it all unfold.
Keeping my wits about me.
And trying not to want to sleep it off.
Eating is not the problem now.
It just shows up in other forms! Same content, though.
I know how it turns out - like reading ahead in a mystery.
So I have no doubt it is "ok." In the long run.

Just watching from way up here.
Hope no one shows up at the door!
They won't know where to step!
Winking smile

Hope your day is great today!


  1. This is how it really is - for now, at least!


    from a woman who wanted to name her blog Sysiphit

  3. Wow, those are some hard-core crossfit rules. Woah.

    I know what you mean about eating showing up in other forms. Kind of like they say that we deal with the same problem our whole lives... The artist paints the same picture over and over... The writer writes the same story... I don't even know if this makes sense to you, but I hope that somehow, it might... even if just a little.

    Thanks for letting us peek into your world, anne. It's a beautiful one!

  4. Keeping your wits about you is all you can do!!!

    I also think most of us start over every.single.day from scratch!

    You are a CrossFit machine and I am in complete admiration of your hard coreness!!!


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