26 September 2011

carts of walmart

Best job in the world?
A paid work out!

I wanted to snap a pic of what people had 
in their cart... 

But it was too depressing... I had to stop!
Sick smile

PLUS - people are amazing defensive 
of the "crap" they put in their carts!

Run Bambi!

Bag of bones

RIP - by the candy - indeed!

My cart - note the new cast iron dutch oven!

Expensive one: guar gum added... 
Cheap one: coconut milk and cream!

Comes with a straw -
Hope it comes with an awl!

One person called me "guape!"
I was like - who me?
(It means "cute," by the way!)

If you haven't see it - this is one of the 
funniest videos - and best songs ever!
People of Walmart by Jessica Frech!

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. Glad you had fun at Walmart. I love going there. Sometimes. It has been a while. I don't like to go when it is crowded though.

  2. Walmart is America's store! Loved the video. I shop there sometimes myself, but I am really the K-Mart Queen. Close, convenient, has lots of good stuff and sales too! Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Loved the video - made me laugh!

    Have a great day!

  4. It is sad to see what is in some of the grocery carts. You seem to have a good time no matter where you go, guape.

  5. OH LORDY!!! That video was like a train wreck... I couldn't stop watching. I was sitting here with my mouth hanging open, thinking "how can they go out in public like that?????!!!!"

    Her sung "captions" were just so funny. Normally, I protest when people are made fun of... don't know why this one struck me so funny!! Maybe because they were not "normal" folks just going about their business. They looked so over-the-top hilarious!

  6. In this case, the singer is too "guape"
    to be mean about it!

  7. You can definitely see all kinds of people in Walmart :)


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