17 September 2011

one horse town

And here it is!

Best if all possible worlds in Mc Kinney

Local Yocal.... They are not really yocals..
But everything is local!

Duck eggs - from free roaming hens
the sign says

Wagyu beef - aka Kobe

Petina Green in McKinney

Awesome salad

Run quick see - what do we have here?

Just being ok - 
Not too fab or not too shabby....
My efforts = 100%
My desire = 100%
My results = 50/50

So keep staying strong -
Keep doing right -
I guess there will be days like this -
Weeks like this -
Times like this!


  1. With the effort and desire you put in, you'll soon be reaping the rewards, I'm sure. I sure understand having "those days"... we all have them.

    Hope things pick up for you quickly!

  2. Very stylish picture of you with the shades, Anne! :)

  3. Hang in there, Anne. Perseverance always wins the day.

  4. You always go such interesting places. Love the shade pic!

  5. Hi Anne! I saw your comment on Loretta's blog and decided to come here. Checked out a few posts. You look so much prettier than your before pictures! What a butterfly transformation. Yay for you!

    :-) Marion


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