08 September 2011

meat mania

That about sums it up nicely!

Got a whole 9 Book from CrossFit tonight

PaleoKit from Steve's Original online (link)
Love them, by the way!

Got my food dehydrator - just a basic model - nothing fancy...
and some blueberries and strawberries...

Trying my hand at making jerky!
Mine won't have MSG and PDQ
and whatnot.... 

Found a great store with real butchers -  
who sell real foods the kind, old-fashioned way - 

That about sums it up nicely!
"Real People Eat Meat"

Mmmm.... beef jerky -
They had to change and start calling it Dried Beef
(instead of jerky)
because of the different moisture levels!
Mmmmm.... dried beef!

Primal - Paleo -
Dairy - Fruit - LoCarb - Hi Fat

I never really signed on to any plan  -
Except the plan to reduce my carb intake!
That (boring) bit of history seems to work best for me.

Stay Strong!
Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. I love jerky, just never think to buy it!! Lol

  2. Beef jerky, dried beef, they can call it whatever they want...I will eat it!

  3. I don't think I ever even tried dried beef or jerky. It's just not that popular around here. Dry pork, yes, beef, nope. Anyway, good luck with your own drying.
    My day just started. So far so good. Hope yours is excellent :)

  4. I am 9998% comprised of beef jerky.

  5. Love the paleokit. I would love to find those here. We are so deprived of choices here in TN.


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