15 September 2011

bad store

LoCarb tortilla with guac and cheese

The tortilla was garlic and herb - 4 net carbs.

7 carbs? No, thank you.

Blueberry and Cherry Cheese

Love Me, Tender

Looks like worms to me.
Or brains. Zombie brains.

Raspberry Flavoured peaches?
What about peach flavoured peaches?

Spoken like a true chick - fill - a

Perhaps a little rain.... maybe 5 drops.
Just enough to make me wish I lived
in Alaska... or somewhere North next summer!

Stay strong - I don't know what that means,
But I vaguely remember that it is something good!
And important.


  1. I've had some blueberry stilton cheese that was super good. You're right about the cake. It does look like worms or brains. Ewe!

  2. I've been so mad lately at all the FaceBook Forums -
    Well,really mad WITH them.....There's nothing but crap
    in the stores. And to think, I once ate that stuff.. yuk!

  3. Anne when I get annoyed on FB I add whatever to my ignore list. It's so not worth it! You know what's working for you so you just keep on keeping on.

  4. Great pics, Anne. I'm hoping you have a great day.

  5. I go to the stores as seldom as possible, because all that BAD stuff still looks good to me, unfortunately! Out of sight, out of mind!

  6. Zombie brains cake...grosssss!

  7. Lol, the cake, Did they even realize that it looked like worms??

  8. I won't say that worm cake looks disgusting. I don't want ya to spank me and ban me from your blog... mwa ha ha ha ha.


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